WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event #2: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Antonin Teisseire fr 269,500 78,500
Antonio Esfandiari us 264,000 14,000
Ashly Butler us 179,500 9,500
Valentin Detoc FR 174,000 -6,000
Joe Kuether us 160,500 49,500
Remi Bollengier FR 136,000 46,000
Florian Ciuro FR 124,000 39,000
Salvatore Bonavena it 86,000 43,500
Anthony Pons FR 86,000 26,000
Jamel Haddad FR 85,000 15,000
Amaury Detoc FR 82,500 24,500
W.J. Vincent US 74,000 2,000
McLean Karr us 61,000 -5,000
Casey Kastle si 54,500 -500
Igor Kalinicenko LV 41,000 -54,000
Andrey Gulyy ru Busted
Henri Chapuis FR Busted
Serge Ekert FR Busted
Marc Bariller FR Busted
Guy Pariente fr Busted
Sylvain Gibert FR Busted
Emil Eriksson NO Busted
John Monnette us Busted
Ugo Jaskula FR Busted
Gil George us Busted
Erik Cajelais ca Busted
Vic Gupta Busted
Gianluca Cedolia CA Busted
Frederic Penel BE Busted
[Removed:223] FR Busted
Anthony Russo Busted
Daniel Weinman us Busted
Dominik Nitsche de Busted
Duncan Mouche FR Busted
Etienne Syren FR Busted
Julien Dolay FR Busted
Ran Azor il Busted
Sean Jazayeri us Busted
Fabrice Bourcier de Carbon FR Busted
Rocco Palumbo it Busted
Kris Pereira FR Busted
Marco Sportanova IT Busted
Jean-Paul Pasqualini fr Busted
Romain Vivier FR Busted
Alexey Gatsko RU Busted
Valerio Greco IT Busted
Frederick Souleyras FR Busted
Alessandro Minasi it Busted
Mathieu Papineau fr Busted
Mauceri Massimiliano IT Busted
Roger Hairabedian fr Busted
Tristan Wade us Busted
Tarcisio Bruno IT Busted
Antonino Venneri it Busted
Sandy Cedric Denis FR Busted
Olivier Paris fr Busted
Della Tommasina IT Busted
Douglas Gray JP Busted
Jean Pierre Grand Moursel FR Busted
Yvan Lanvin Busted
Marvin Rettenmaier de Busted
Nicolas Peronnet FR Busted
Michel Pomaret fr Busted
Pascal Leyo us Busted
Damien Vidal fr Busted
Dries Goyens BE Busted
Bertrand Hernandez FR Busted
Jens Thomsen de Busted
Christophe Schutze FR Busted
Dobromir Nikov bg Busted
Julien LaMaison FR Busted
Clement Franck FR Busted
William Esmingeaud FR Busted
Jasper Vanvlasselaer BE Busted
Renaud Blangiardi fr Busted
Randolph Lanosga US Busted
Jean Marie Morvan FR Busted
John Tabatabai gb Busted
Mikhail Rudenko RU Busted
Olivier Calabrese FR Busted
Hassan Fares fr Busted
Fabien Fleury FR Busted
David Benyamine fr Busted
Konstantin Puchkov ru Busted
Charly Grenet fr Busted
Arnaud Biziere FR Busted
Alain Gaudy FR Busted
Jean Paul Pasqualini Busted
Benoit Arrayago FR Busted
Pierre Daw FR Busted
Brian Park us Busted
Maximilien Vivier FR Busted
Greg Merson us Busted
Raul Paez es Busted
Enver Abduraimov GB Busted
Thierry Dumas FR Busted
Serge Didisheim CH Busted
Anthony Duthuille FR Busted
Romain Derenemesnil FR Busted
[Removed:163] US Busted