Event #7: €10,450 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Gruesome Ace Sends Gruissem to the Rail


Soon after being moved to Table 10, Philipp Gruissem raised to 12,000 from the cutoff and was met with a three-bet to 32,000 by Joseph Cheong in the small blind. After the big got out of the way, Gruissem moved all in for approximately 85,000 and Cheong made the call.

Gruissem: {J-}{J-}
Cheong: {A-}{9-}

Gruissem was ahead with his big pocket pair and looking to dodge an ace, but he couldn't do it as the flop brought the {A-}{10-}{4-}. Both the turn and river blanked, and Cheong increased his stack to over a million while sending a tough competitor to the rail.

Player Chips Progress
Joseph Cheong us
Joseph Cheong
us 1,150,000 170,000
Philipp Gruissem de
Philipp Gruissem
de Busted

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