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Event #4: €1,650 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

McQuilkin Gets a Bluff Through


Petr Setka limped with {k-Spades}{j-Spades}, Theodore McQuilkin followed suit in the cutoff with {a-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}, and Andrej Desset made it 85,000 with {a-Clubs}{10-Clubs} in the small blind. Setka called and McQuilkin made it three to a {4-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{7-Clubs} flop. Desset bet 80,000, enough to chase Setka but not McQuilkin.

Desset checked the {j-Hearts} turn and McQuilkin fired 155,000. Desset folded.

Player Chips Progress
Andrej Desset sk
Andrej Desset
sk 1,500,000 -299,000
Theodore McQuilkin fr
Theodore McQuilkin
fr 1,000,000 451,000

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