WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event #1: €350 Opener No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Eyal Bensimhon il 6,800,000 100,000
Norbert Mosonyi hu 5,110,000 10,000
Renat Bohdanov ua 4,000,000 -500,000
Ricardas Vymeris lt 3,225,000 65,000
Samuel Mika SK 3,060,000 -40,000
Mykhailo Hryhoriev ua 2,860,000 260,000
Michal Kral CZ 2,050,000 450,000
Rafi Elharar il 2,020,000 45,000
Marcus Mondel AT 660,000 -210,000
Jeff Lisandro au 600,000 -100,000
Krzysztof Jaguscik pl Busted
Joerg Baumgarten DE Busted
Justin Frolian de Busted
Ismael Bojang at Busted
Simone Miracoli it Busted
Marcel Brunner ch Busted
David Novotny CZ Busted
Alexandre Viard fr Busted
Amato Landi it Busted
Adi Rajkovic at Busted
Ofir Stender IL Busted
Michael Teplitski IL Busted
Shalom Sharabi IL Busted
Pierre Neuville be Busted
Daniel Lahmani IL Busted
Nachal Loewenthal il Busted
Roland Israelashvili us Busted
Daniel Krejca CZ Busted
Christophe Vidal FR Busted
Bartel Kars nl Busted
Hafthor Hlynsson is Busted
David Taborsky cz Busted
Robert Campbell au Busted
Alexander Uglov RU Busted
Petr Kubenka cz Busted
Artan Dedusha gb Busted
Natalia Chuprinskaia RU Busted
Paul Ryan US Busted
Dor Noam Sharon IL Busted
Michael Juen at Busted
Slav Podolsky IL Busted
Konstantinos Paleokastritis GR Busted
Stefan Raschbauer at Busted
Philipp Gossmann DE Busted
Primoz Sibanc SI Busted
Ankur Gupta IN Busted
Hoang Vinh Pham DE Busted
Eltun Mirzazade AZ Busted
Ben Thursfield DE Busted
Hananya Biton IL Busted
Kostiantyn Kryher UA Busted
Csilla Nolnar HU Busted
Robert Cicchelli ca Busted
Jorge Manue De Oliveira Lopez PT Busted
Ori Hasson il Busted
Henry Klitzner de Busted
Erik Goglio IT Busted
Ali Deniz Akok DE Busted
David “ODB” Baker US Busted
Adrian Lazar ro Busted
Marius Gicovanu ro Busted
Andrew Macleod GB Busted
Mark Ohare GB Busted
Steffen Walter DE Busted
Jesper Nielsen DK Busted
Ghanshyam Jogi IN Busted
Vasile Strugari ro Busted
Ali Amelipour de Busted
Andrew Bak GB Busted
Damian Reschke PL Busted
Evgeniy Shikunov BY Busted
Marco Werz DE Busted
Benjamin Streber DE Busted
Alexander Adam de Busted
Petrus Schouten nl Busted
Thomas Wettengl DE Busted
Stanislav Koleno sk Busted
Tomasz Machnicki PL Busted
Christophe Panetti ch Busted
Nina Gestach CH Busted
Alain Crettenand CH Busted
Oren Benyamin Ram IL Busted
Aviel Yehieli IL Busted
Henrik Styrishave DK Busted
Steven Lamb gb Busted
Vladimir Valent sk Busted
Aleksandar Tomovic rs Busted
Senol Karahasan tr Busted
Federico Bossi IT Busted
Andrej Imrich sk Busted
Christopher Schofield DE Busted
Allen Kessler us Busted
Ingo Paulus de Busted
Steven Fearns GB Busted
Yan Li cn Busted
Johannes Englundh se Busted
Gergely Voeroes hu Busted
Erkan Demir DE Busted
Kalopitas Pantagiotis GR Busted
Francois Claessens BE Busted
Maximilian Eberhardt de Busted
Alex Kukuk DE Busted
Husam Qumseya Busted
Tzur Levy fr Busted
Marcin Andrzejewski PL Busted
Viktoriia Basistova RU Busted
Manish Goenka in Busted
Erik Cajelais ca Busted
Andras Toth HU Busted
Marcin Jaworski pl Busted
Martin Staszko cz Busted
Kai Penzersinski DE Busted
Mathew Barreira PT Busted
Milad Oghabian ir Busted
Guy Ben David IL Busted
Christophe Devaux fr Busted
Serkan Yesil DE Busted
Dominik Wohl DE Busted
Sofie Thijs be Busted
Mykhailo Sezonenko UA Busted
Walter Arnold CH Busted
Konstantin Generalov ru Busted
Diana Volcovschi pt Busted
Stefan Vogt de Busted
Pavel Sourek cz Busted
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Petr Segl cz Busted
Vadzim Lipauka by Busted
Egor Terekhin ru Busted
Michael Weidner de Busted
Johannes Herbers nl Busted
Yves Thalmann CH Busted
Tirza Wichelhaus DE Busted
Ion Tabacaru ro Busted
Kristoffer Rasmussen dk Busted
Amit Goldin IL Busted
Sebastian Erras DE Busted
Dragos Trofimov md Busted
Pascal Roumier fr Busted
Paulius Vaitiekunas lt Busted
Andrei Berinov ru Busted
Jozsef Liszkovics hu Busted
Nicolai Kett DE Busted
Yehonatan Behor il Busted
Juergen Vogels DE Busted
Carsten Holzapfel DE Busted
Jonathan Wong gb Busted
Elena Litvinyuk ru Busted
Kristof Lenart hu Busted
Damian Siewert pl Busted
Ondrej Mar cz Busted
Roberto Benedetti IT Busted
Andrii Kozlenko ua Busted
Michail Tastanis gr Busted
Malte Kannenberg DE Busted
Robert Saffran DE Busted
Yossi Eluz il Busted
Massimiliano Patronicini IT Busted
David Kurbel hu Busted
Tobias Lui DE Busted
Robert Kalb DE Busted
Philippe Mueller CH Busted
Ken Beckers BE Busted
Nazar Buhaiov ua Busted
Steven Jones us Busted
Ladislav Dlugolinsky SK Busted
Netanel Amedi il Busted
David Mackenzie NZ Busted
Ron Nissim IL Busted
Sagar Patnaik IN Busted
Evgeny Zakharov il Busted
Mykhailo Gutyi ua Busted
Tal Nahum IL Busted
Alexandre Aubrun fr Busted
Herbert Reissnecker DE Busted
Jon Viggen NO Busted
Stephen Young us Busted
Lukasz Tomecki pl Busted
Daniel Braude il Busted
Thai Ha vn Busted
Timur Margolin il Busted
Eshed Esh Hadaya IL Busted
Stefan Dangubic ME Busted
Roman Smida CZ Busted
Thierry Chervet CH Busted
Marius Iftimia ro Busted
Ibrahim Mutlu Erdogan LU Busted
Christian Scheidler DE Busted
Hagay Kraus IL Busted
Hoang Pham de Busted
Andrii Vakaliuk UA Busted
Alexantr Spatharis GR Busted
Daniele Vesco it Busted
Michal Blinkiewicz PL Busted
Mario Wimmer AT Busted
Kirill Denisenko by Busted
Patric Wymann CH Busted
Gunnar Zum Felde DE Busted
Michael Pukshansky IL Busted
Ismail Kalkan de Busted
Roman Sahin ch Busted
Jonathan Marston GB Busted
Sofia Lovgren se Busted
Rotem Shkury IL Busted
Phil Hellmuth us Busted
Tasho Sehitaj nl Busted
Juergen Wien DE Busted
Or Anavi IL Busted
Mikhail Filatov CZ Busted
Uladzimir Beliatski BY Busted
Martin Sladek CZ Busted
Andrzej Jedryczka PL Busted
Maciej Lewandowski pl Busted
Hardit Singh IN Busted
Christopher Back ca Busted
Maksym Klopotok UA Busted
Miroslav Otahal CZ Busted
Fabian Ene AT Busted
Mark James Ohare GB Busted
Sebastian Szubartowski PL Busted
Marius Meier de Busted
Marc Meden DE Busted
Veli Penttinen fi Busted
Grzegorz Wyraz pl Busted
Sascha Wiers DE Busted
John Keil DE Busted
Sascha Timmas DE Busted
Cao Cuong Nguyen VN Busted
David "ODB" Baker us Busted
Josip Svilicic HR Busted
Dmitrij Getmanov LT Busted
Andrea Ricci it Busted
Christoph Heuer DE Busted
Martin Kabrhel cz Busted
Fabian Gumz de Busted
Petru Proca RO Busted
Beat Mathys CH Busted
Rocky Mcnatt us Busted
Ankit Ahuja in Busted
Michael Magalashvili il Busted
Urban Grcar SI Busted
Ashot Oganesian ru Busted
Steffen Schaffrath DE Busted
Jozsef Kovacs HU Busted
David Irwin GB Busted
Hananyia Biton Busted
Stina Egvang DK Busted
Anna Magalashvili UA Busted
Manish Hariprasad Goenka IN Busted
Jeffrey Lisandro au Busted
Paul Collins Ryan US Busted
Albert Hoekendijk nl Busted
Tobias Ferdinand Lui Busted
Natanel Amedi Busted
Oleksandr Trokhymenko ua Busted
Nathaniel Levi Busted
Jeffrey Cormier ca Busted
Ali Akok DE Busted
Predrag Bukovec HR Busted
Assaf Nitzan IL Busted
Nikolay Gavrilov Busted
Igor Salomasov RU Busted
Cao Nguyeng CN Busted
Itszch Barak Busted
Aviel Yahieli Busted
Cao Nguyen Busted
Robert Francisco Busted
Pilipp Jan Mueller Busted
Damian Lukasz Reschke Busted
Jesper Vestergaard Nielsen Busted
John Patrick Keil DE Busted
Norbert Ferenc Mosonyi HU Busted
Roman Olivier Sahin CH Busted
Nina Rahel Gestach CH Busted
Kai Fabian Penzersinski DE Busted
Michael Karl Weidner DE Busted
Adrian Corneliu Lazar ro Busted
Steven James Fearns GB Busted
Benjamin Josef Streber DE Busted
Erkan Dem Ir DE Busted
Marius Frederic Meier DE Busted
Mathew Sean Barreira PT Busted
Sebastian Josef Erras DE Busted
Jonathan Peter Marston GB Busted
Marc Emanuel Friedrich Meden DE Busted
Marius Alexandru Gicovanu RO Busted
Andrew Benjamin Macleod GB Busted
Henrik Leth Styrishave DK Busted
Grzegorz Ireneusz Wyraz PL Busted
Johannes Olle Englundh SE Busted
Christophe Matthieu Devaux FR Busted
Sascha Maximilian Wiers DE Busted
Jon Ragnar Viggen NO Busted
Rocky Andrew Mcnatt US Busted
Stephen Charles Young GB Busted
Alexandre Edouard Charles Aubrun FR Busted
David Alexander Irwin GB Busted
Phillip Jerome Hellmuth Jr US Busted
Steffen Manuel Walter DE Busted
Sascha Engin Timmas DE Busted
Ghanshyam Harshadkumar Jogi IN Busted
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