WSOP Super Circuit Online Series MSPT Showdown Series
Event #15: €550 Colossus No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Mick Heder dk 12,100,000 -200,000
Avraham Dayan IL 8,700,000 0
Shaun Deeb us 8,100,000 2,315,000
Christoph Peper DE 7,250,000 -1,150,000
Dieter Becker DE 6,625,000 -875,000
Bertrand Grospellier fr 6,450,000 1,250,000
Pasquale Braco it 5,000,000 380,000
Sergii Karpov ua 4,725,000 -505,000
Francesco Candelari it 4,050,000 390,000
Alessandro Pezzoli IT 2,675,000 -1,875,000
Marian Kubis sk 2,150,000 650,000
Daniel Salner AT Busted
Stefan Raschbauer at Busted
Christian Mohr DE Busted
Tomas Fara cz Busted
Balazs Bistei HU Busted
Charlie Defresne FR Busted
Pierre Neuville be Busted
Petr Fungac CZ Busted
Torsten Rink de Busted
Cristian David RO Busted
Nico Frenn CH Busted
Chris Ferguson us Busted
Christian Sarnacki DE Busted
Markus Luehring DE Busted
Inaki Gonzales ES Busted
Eran Cohen il Busted
Jian Yang cn Busted
Giorgiy Skhulukhiya ru Busted
Yusuf Azaroglu DE Busted
Jakub Rampas CZ Busted
Tung Ho Kim CH Busted
Colin Grunow DE Busted
Gonyalez Larrasquitu ES Busted
Hafki Tqorgeman IL Busted
Nir Ben Yakir IL Busted
Ilija Savevski MK Busted
Majid Noubarian IR Busted
Alexander Graf CH Busted
Mario He Busted
Andrea Uzzi IT Busted
Stefan Mital cz Busted
Michael Hasenbepg Busted
Ron Moisescu Busted
Idan Elberg IL Busted
Yordanov Karagogov GE Busted
Mark Paul Berman GB Busted
Vicente Ortiz Romero ES Busted
Majid Ejlal Noubarian ir Busted
Kristof Lenart hu Busted
Eshed Hadaya il Busted
Lukas Zaskodny cz Busted
Walter Pflueger AT Busted
Grzegorz Wyraz pl Busted
Yannick Schumacher DE Busted
Michail Kavouras gr Busted
Darko Konrad DE Busted
Leo Tames NL Busted
Pavel Chomicky CZ Busted
Predrag Budakovic CH Busted
Michal Mrakes cz Busted
Karim Frick AT Busted
Enes Avdagic ba Busted
Prosper Mamane CH Busted
Alois Sprachta cz Busted
Agostino Pellegrini it Busted
Stephan Kribben DE Busted
Viktor Blom se Busted
Rainer Rockenstein DE Busted
Patrick Ludwig Busted
Teodor Popovic sk Busted
Filip Sochor CZ Busted
David Novotny CZ Busted
Floor Zijthof NL Busted
Jessica Mendyka DE Busted
Jan Ramik cz Busted
Jan Ceska cz Busted
Tien Tam Nguyen CZ Busted
Darkhan Rakhymzhanov KZ Busted
Simon Burns gb Busted
Hussam Abdel Aziz Busted
Thomas Schulze DE Busted
Zhong Chen nl Busted
Alessandro Laubinger de Busted
Josef Snejberg cz Busted
Dieter Kramar de Busted
Tomas Kvapil CZ Busted
Aviv Tzarum IL Busted
Oren Ram il Busted
Jan Wieckenberg de Busted
Adam Blazek CZ Busted
Peter Oettl IT Busted
Sandu Ganor IL Busted
Lior Afllalo il Busted
Alon Yonayov il Busted
Guy Dadon IL Busted
Bertram Bechtold Busted
Tomas Schejbal CZ Busted
Robert Douras GB Busted
Andrea Radicchi IT Busted
Nikolay Migachev IL Busted
Rudolf Eberle CH Busted
Ioannis Chorianopoulos GR Busted
Aleksandr Glinskii RU Busted
Miroslav Hurta CZ Busted
Ilker Shabani AL Busted
Remco Verbakel nl Busted
Michael Akdemir DE Busted
Volkan Cakar DE Busted
Yossi Dayan IL Busted
Robert Wirth de Busted
Oldrich Chyle CZ Busted
Oleg Pavlyuchuk lv Busted
Ondrej Lon cz Busted
Manfred Hammer de Busted
Yaron Borenstein IL Busted
Gregoire Panetti CH Busted
Jakub Dobias cz Busted
Karel Novotny cz Busted
Jaroslav Martinec CZ Busted
Albert Turgeman IL Busted
Shachar Yonayov IL Busted
Alexei Chernin IL Busted
Adam Twito IL Busted
Omid Novin DE Busted
Idan The One IL Busted
Corrado Martinelli it Busted
Avraham Shavit il Busted
Mykhailo Hryhoriev ua Busted
Tomas Knespl CZ Busted
Alain Caliber BE Busted
Heinrich Ebeling DK Busted
Sascha Minerva Busted
[Removed:97] Busted
Antuen Agalliu AL Busted
Sladan Babic HR Busted
Alexander Bunin Busted
Stefan Rothdauscher DE Busted
Efstathios Komitas GR Busted
Aleksandr Merzhvinskii ru Busted
Yaakov Saraf IL Busted
[Removed:174] Busted
Mikis Kalaidzidis GR Busted
Pavel Kellner cz Busted
Roland Meissl DE Busted
Andreas Mages AT Busted
Panagiotis Petrou GR Busted
Gerrit Schwotzer DE Busted
Cornelis De Moree NL Busted
Susanne Zimmermann DE Busted
Ralf Barth DE Busted
Lukasz Grossmann pl Busted
Alexander Bernhardt DE Busted
Alain Romailler CH Busted
Radek Castka cz Busted
Timo Merz DE Busted
Andre Cruz PT Busted
[Removed:191] Busted
Robert Campbell au Busted
Shalom Kadosh IL Busted
Alexander Moser at Busted
Nesrin Can tr Busted
Diana Volcovschi pt Busted
Eyal Bensimhon il Busted
Maximilian Eck DE Busted
Aleksandr Velichko RU Busted
Mark Ioli us Busted
David Kurbel hu Busted
Yossi Eluz il Busted
Radek Michal CZ Busted
Robert Ashelm DE Busted
Georges Chehade lb Busted
Patrick Kurfner AT Busted
Karsten Honnefeller DE Busted
Martin Ilavsky sk Busted
Jerome Barbe BE Busted
Adir Menashe IL Busted
Catherine Hanna gb Busted
Gerhard Brimmers de Busted
Kyriakos Sarantis Busted
Luca Piras IT Busted
Shahar Ohayon IL Busted
Jasper Desmet BE Busted
Eyal Tsabar IL Busted
Marc Pichler IT Busted
Sebastian Toedling AT Busted
Christian Kosinski DE Busted
Michael Mandl de Busted
Michael Hasenberg Busted
Paul Theobald de Busted
Roldan Perez Benito Busted
Ioannis Mantonanakis Busted
Dominique Potenza fr Busted
Marcus Bonna DE Busted
Zsolt Nagy HU Busted
Wojciech Wyrebski pl Busted
Christian Kindl DE Busted
Roberto Carrillo ES Busted
Antonio Turrisi it Busted
Alireza Panahandeh DE Busted
Daniel Negreanu ca Busted
Ernestas Lisauskas LT Busted
Marco Di Persio it Busted
Shraga Vrubel IL Busted
Mathijs Janssen be Busted
Roman Motovsky cz Busted
Peter Maerz de Busted
Walter Sinzinger AT Busted
Diego Pedersen DK Busted
Volodymyr Kernytskyi ua Busted
Elad Teva IL Busted
Ryszard Kubik PL Busted
Tobias Gekler DE Busted
Aviad Mazal Busted
Itzhak Bitton il Busted
Artan Dedusha gb Busted
Jan Ryduchowski DE Busted
Sebastien Lucina de Busted
Dmitrij Fadeev de Busted
Andreas Zauner AT Busted
Eduardo De Bellis IT Busted
Heimo Gaulhofer Busted
Balazs Muskovszky Busted
Pieter De Kort Busted
Richard Fehr CH Busted
Andre Wiedenstried DE Busted
Vicente Romero ES Busted
Vladimir Schwarz sk Busted
Vaclav Zelechovsky CZ Busted
Roustem Zakreev IL Busted
Haim Toorgeman us Busted
Claudio Di Giacomo it Busted
Hongbin Guo cn Busted
Ion Naicu RO Busted
Francesco Delfoco it Busted
Bjoern Bouwmans NL Busted
Catalin Diac ro Busted
Paolo Litrico IT Busted
Juergen Petelkau DE Busted
Nir Baufeld IL Busted
Lubomir Rulik CZ Busted
Sinan Aksu DE Busted
Christian Kleinlercher AT Busted
Lior Padoba IL Busted
Nathan Gonikman IL Busted
Roman Lendi CH Busted
Marinus van der Walle nl Busted
Tom Harel IL Busted
Wladimir Gerner de Busted
Carsten Barth Busted
Orhan Ljecaj MK Busted
Romain Putz FR Busted
Thomas Grab DE Busted
Tibor Borzak hu Busted
Alexander Mikhalev RU Busted
Basil Sapin CH Busted
Tezer Cetindag de Busted
Mark Berman GB Busted
Marsel Rakhmankulov Busted
Lubos Voeroes CZ Busted
Werner Gulde Busted
Andreas Hafner DE Busted
Alessio Casiraghi it Busted
Lars Peczan DE Busted
Alon Dor IL Busted
Lukas Bregenzer DE Busted
Michael Horn de Busted
Alfred Nader LB Busted
Marc Orsulic FR Busted
Deivis Rinkevicius lt Busted
Christos Xanthopoulos gr Busted
Mykola Kostyrko UA Busted
Julian Ludt DE Busted
Anthony Zinno us Busted
Sean Mills gb Busted
Gilad Yeshayahu IL Busted
Gavriel Jana IL Busted
Vladimir Andjelic ba Busted
Ilyas Gueltekin DE Busted
Michael Witter DE Busted
Witali Reinbold DE Busted
Sebastien Ney FR Busted
Walter Matura at Busted
Petr Subik cz Busted
Moshe Koka Busted
Feng Liang cn Busted
Ariel Samuhi Busted
Romain Pommier Busted
Aristeidis Giannatos GR Busted
Sebastien Dubois BE Busted
Francesco Amatulli it Busted
Alexandre Viard fr Busted
Daniel Dinulescu ro Busted
Vasile Strugari ro Busted
Erik Cajelais ca Busted
Mirko Kratzer de Busted
Vladimir Valent sk Busted
Ivica Kulfa DE Busted
Sebastian Gaehl de Busted
Stefanos Pothoulakis GR Busted
Shai Avitan IL Busted
Armin Keim Busted
Nico Schwarz DE Busted
Andreas Suchowerskyj DE Busted
Mario Heissmann Busted
Jiri Noga CZ Busted
Benjamin Bini FR Busted
Anastasios Vrakas gr Busted
[Removed:149] BR Busted
Agostino Pecorario Busted
Olga Hirt CH Busted
Evgenios Piataniotis GR Busted
Alexander Scheiermann Busted
Steve Wilms Busted
Romain Berberat Busted
Friedrich Schiller Busted
Jan Streicher de Busted
Sherif Kasami MK Busted
Jeton Hykasmoni CH Busted
Jan Koehler de Busted
Roland Israelashvili us Busted