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Event #5: £10,350 WSOPE Championship No-Limit Hold'em

Third Time's the Curse for Baldassari

Fabrizio Baldassari

Hand #50: Ron Lee made it 69k to go preflop, but let his hand go in pretty short order when Fabrizio Baldassari upped it to 200k straight.

Hand #51: Baldassari continued on, his chips hardly touching his stacks before making their way back in preflop as a raise to 75k to play. No callers.

Hand #52: Baldassari made it 75k preflop, but this time Dan Fleyshman in the small blind repopped him: 250k total. Baldassari didn't push his luck this time, though, and folded after one of the longest thinks we've seen thus far.

Hand #53: 65k to play from Daniel Steinberg this time. Ron Lee took his turn in the threebet throne, making it 163k total. Danny Steinberg passed and Lee won another.

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