Live Events 4
$10,000 Main Event [$10,000,000 GTD]

Michael Stembera Eliminated in 5th Place ($390,053)

BrandonBloom • Level 28: 60,000-120,000, 120,000 ante
Michael Stembera

Hand #162: Michael Stembera opened the cutoff to 260,000 and Tony Sinishtaj three-bet to 700,000 on the button. Action folded back to Stembera who moved all-in for approximately 4,100,000, and Sinishtaj called.

Michael Stembera: {a-Hearts}{k-Hearts}
Tony Sinishtaj: {j-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}

The two were flipping and Stembera vaulted ahead on the {a-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}{8-Diamonds} flop, until the {j-Clubs} hit the turn to move Sinishtaj back in front. Stembera was drawing to a ten for Broadway, but the {a-Clubs} completed the board to secure the pot for Sinishtaj on the rollercoaster runout.

Stembera takes home $390,053 for his deep fifth-place finish.

Player Chips Progress
Vanessa Kade ca
Vanessa Kade
ca 17,950,000 950,000
Tony Sinishtaj us
Tony Sinishtaj
us 10,950,000 4,350,000
Alex Livingston ca
Alex Livingston
ca 9,200,000 700,000
Isaac Kempton us
Isaac Kempton
us 4,900,000 400,000
Michael Stembera us
Michael Stembera
us Busted

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