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Where You Can Play Online Poker In Tennessee


Can You Play Online Poker in Tennessee?

There is currently no legislation permitting online poker in the state.

Current gambling laws

In Tennessee you won't find card rooms or casinos. In fact, you'd have to go to nearby Tunica to find those. When it comes to gambling, Tennessee uses the "any chance" formula, meaning they believe betting anything of value on something that involves an element of chance is gambling. That means that poker is considered gambling and is therefore illegal there.

Like many of its southern counterparts, Tennessee is extremely conservative when it comes to online gambling. If you recall, Senator Bill Frist was one of the architects of 2006's Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, and it's also common knowledge that the Tennessee congressional delegation supports a federal online ban on iGaming, with an exception for lotteries.

With those facts on the table, it's no surprise positive iGaming discussions have not been held in the Volunteer State, and they probably won't be happening in the foreseeable future.

Best Online Poker Sites for Tennessee Players

None at present. But you can always play poker for free with the WSOP Social App.

US Poker Legislation: Where Can You Play Online Poker?

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