888 Presents: Poker Player Darryll Fish Mate, Date, or Rate?

888 presents our new game: M8, D8 or R8! Danielle Benham names a poker player and asks someone to rate (r8) them as a poker player on a scale from 1 to 8, mate (m8) them (befriend them), or date (d8) them (that was is self explanatory). Poker Player Darryll Fish is fresh off his $1 million win at the LIVE MILLIONS: North America poker tournament. Danielle Benham asks him to mate, date or rate 8 different poker players. Would he date Maria Ho? How good does he think Liv Boeree is at poker? Would he mate 888 pro Sofia Lovgren? Who is professional poker player Natalie Hof? Watch to find out

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