What/Who to Expect from WSOP Live Streaming in 2018

Sarah Herring talks to the voice of the Live Stream David Tuchman about plans for the World Series of Poker content this summer. He shares about Ali Nejad and Lon McEachern on the PokerGo Live Stream. Plus a taste of what you can expect of the FREE stream featuring [Removed:139] and David Tuchman. There is going to be TONS of poker content from both No Limit and mixed games.
You can find more about the free stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/pokercentral

And more about the Schedule on PokerGo here: https://www.pokercentral.com/articles/poker-central-reveals-world-series-of-poker-broadcast-talent-lineup-and-pokergo-streaming-schedule/

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