Best Free Slots When Getting Started

Madame Tarots Luckyland Slots

Are you are searching for answers to which are the best slots to play when you’re just getting started?

This article will outline some of the best slots and where you can play these games and slots when you’re just getting started, with an extra bonus of them being free!

Through the best slots to play when you want to get started for free, where are the best places, and which slots are best to play?


Mighty Silver Deluxe

Although a high limit slot, as you’re playing through the 5 lines and an additional feature, you can use this slot to be able to gain larger prizes within coins to be able to play even bigger and use more coins on slots!

With a starting play amount of 5,000 coins which goes all the way to a maximum of 150,000 coins – although this isn’t something you need to worry about – especially with the 1,000,000 coins free coins on offer.

When you sign up with PokerNews for Slotomania, you will gain a free 1,000,000 coins for you to be able to indulge yourself in these slots.

Across the different lines and variance of betting amounts, there is the potential to win the larger prizes which are displayed as minor, major and grand prizes within Mighty Silver Deluxe.

Mighty Silver Deluxe Slotomania

Vegas Ca$h

Bringing the Vegas lifestyle to your fingertips enables you to experience the variance of the slots from the Vegas theme including the immersion into the different possibilities of winning this game.

Play with as few as 50 coins and a maximum of 100,000 coins within this Vegas slot, there is a variance and ability for you to play regardless of how many coins you wish to spend.

Across the 50 lines which are in play within this slot of Vegas Cash, this gives a multitude of different possibilities of being able to win the slot.

In the realms of the Vegas slot, in addition to each possible win each time you spin the slot, there are also four other larger slots you have the potential to win.

Ranging from 2,500 to 500,000,000 coins, based on the different variables, this will present you with the different ways of being able to win, including additions to your XP and levels on Slotomania.

Vegas Cash Slotomania

Zeus Colossal Wins

Ranging from 50 coins to 100,000 coins, across the 10 lines of the slot which is in play you are able to introduce your potential winnings depending on how much you choose to bet.

Across the different levels of coins you’re able to play, as you advance yourself to bet more in the different slots, but in this case, to be able to bet across Zeus Colossal Wins slots, you can use this to improve your experience points and level up from each spin!

This is advantageous when you start because can use this experience and levels to be able to play even more slots.

Whether these are high-limit slots or they’re not, you can continue to grow your coins and levels even bigger and bigger with each spin!

Zeus Colossal Wins Slotomania

Luckyland Slots

10,000 Wonders

As a new slot brought to you by ReelPlay on Luckyland Slots, this is one of those slots featured which gives you 10,000 ways to win.

Within the slot and game of 10,000 wonders, through every win that you gain, it triggers an explosion to see your prize and remove that tile from the slot to continue playing!

As an additional bonus, within the slot, there are up to 28 lamps that have the chance to be revealed for extra prizes and bonuses!

In addition to the other prizes, there are four multipliers to your winnings. From 10 times, 50 times, 250 times, and 1000 times multiplier – these are the ways, although you might not achieve these so frequently, when you do – you’ll gain even more coins or Sweeps coins!

10000 Wonders Slot Luckyland Slots

Stellar Wilds

Featuring a continuously growing jackpot, within the slot of Stellar Wilds, you are playing across the 20 lines – with the coins or Sweeps Coins, depending on the in-game currency you choose to use!

When you choose to play with coins, you can play with the total play from 400 coins all the way up to MAX PLAY of 200,000 coins. Taking you all the way up to space, how high can you get your prizes can winnings from these slots?

Stellar Wilds Luckyland Slots

With the advantage of the winning symbols, you are then able to understand and seek the symbols you are aiming for which enables the winning combinations.

From asteroids to the bar symbols and each symbol in between they all have unique prizes so you can decide which you’re aiming for the most!

Stellar Wilds Game Symbols

Madame Tarot

Arriving at the slot, you are able to choose your destiny – displayed in the title you gain hints from the potential you are able to gain from the slot itself.

This means that when you arrive at the slot, you are able to choose your volatility. Whether you want to ‘Win Big’ or ‘Win Often’ – this determines the outcome of the prizes you can potentially earn – so choose wisely!

Madame Tarot Volatility Luckyland Slots

Although ensure that you choose wisely and take your choice into consideration, this isn’t the end if you’ve decided that you chose the wrong one as you can always adapt your choices after you’ve adapted to the new choices.

In addition to the choice, you have the ability to choose from with your chance to win high or win often, you can continue to indulge yourself in this slot and start spinning!

From 250 coins all the way up to the maximum play of 100,000 coins through the 243 ways of playing this gives you a variety of chances to be able to win!

Madame Tarot Luckyland Slots

House of Fun

Bank of Jackpots

Through many variables depending on how much you bet on House of Fun, whether that’s 1,000 coins all the way up to 10,000 coins and more depending on your level and the number of coins you’re able to bet!

Through the super bonus in the game of Bank of Jackpots, you need to fill the vault by triggering the bonuses within the slot. Once you’ve filled and completed the vault, this is when you’re able to trigger the super bonus!

In addition, as you’re betting your coins for the slots, the more coins you introduce to the slot, the increases your chances to get cards towards your ‘House of Fun Album’. Through the albums, once you’ve unlocked all the cards you can win up to 100,000s coins.

This means through the 30 lines and the additional feature which you’re playing against you’re able to utilize the 30 lines the slot is on to see many coins you can win from the bank!

Bank of Jackpots House of Fun

Dr Jekyll and Mr Wyld

Through the Monsterpedia introducing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Wyld to your slotting experience, you can play through the 25 lines and the feature to see the potential winnings from this slot!

In addition to the potential chances to win on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Wyld, there are also additional cards which you can win which brings you more and more prizes. From common to ultra-rare cards, you need to find, that once you unlock each set of cards, you will gain additional coins and prizes.

However, when you’re spinning the slot, there is a possibility of winning a separate coin for the Monsterpedia slots, this is when you’re able to introduce the cards into this slot whilst also being able to level up throughout these slots.

Through the minor and grand prizes, you’re able to win through the slot depending on how much you play with, this can grow up to more than 30,000,000 coins being won!

Dr Jekyll and Mr Wyld Slot HOF

The Gummy Kind 2

Through the different levels of grand prizes which you’re able to win, these prizes are continuously growing your prizes and coins to play on a variety of other slots on House of Fun.

In addition to the prizes once you’ve in the game when you download House of Fun from PokerNews, this will enable you to the advantages of 1000 coins and 100 free spins – this enables you to preview these slots before spending any in-game currencies!

Depending on the level you’re at, this will vary how much you’re able to have as your total play amount – for instance at level 13, you can use up to the maximum spin of 50,000 coins in the Gummy Kind 2 slot.

The Gummy Kind 2 HOF

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