Crown of Fire Slot: Progress to The Progressive Jackpot

Crown of Fire Progressive Jackpot

Through the journey of the new progressive jackpot, which also features raging wilds bonuses, this is where you can make your way in the midst of the progressive jackpot.

If you want the chance within this new game and slot, indulge yourself in the Crown of Fire slot!

How to Play Crown of Fire?

As you join and start wanting to indulge yourself in the new slot of ‘Crown of Fire’, one of the first elements within this is to be able to understand how to play the game.

One of the elements within this slot is the symbols and how they impact the gameplay when they show. When the dragon symbols land in view, this will trigger a free re-spin, and enable you to gain additional benefits from the free spins.

In the midst of the re-spins which you have obtained, the dragon symbols will nudge down one space.

Whilst you’re spinning through intending to gain even more coins, if you gain 3 or more rubied symbols landing into view during the re-spins, this will trigger the bonus feature!

Crown of Fire How to Play

What Are the Rules for Crown of Fire?

In addition to being able to play the crown of fire slot, this is one of the things you need to know before indulging yourself in this slot. Being another factor, you also need to understand the game rules and how they impact your game!

Starting through the 20 lines which you play across, with through the different lines which you play across. Across the different pay lines which are in play, the highest win is gained only.

When you’re playing in this slot, all the wins begin with the leftmost reel. When they are calculated, it is placed from left to right only on adjacent reels.

In the realm of substitutions, these are in place for all symbols from the dragon symbols. This is placed except for the free and rubied symbols which are placed within the slot.

However, throughout any malfunctions within the game, if these are to take place, unfortunately, this will void all pays and plays associated with this error.

Luckyland Slot Rules Crown of Fire

Crown of Fire Slot RTP

Crown of Fire has a singular return-to-player percentage which is based on the slot and game type. For the slot, Crown of Fire, the slots are on Luckyland Slots, have a theoretical RTP of 90-96%.

These numbers can be subject to change based on updates to the game and the particular slots which you’re playing, so be sure to check the settings and information part of the game for the most recent percentages.

What Prizes Can You Win Through Crown of Fire?

Throughout the prizes which you’re able to win in this slot, and the levels of progressive jackpot, there are many ways you win through the games.

Bonuses and jackpots – these are ways you can progress in the slot. One of these is through the 3-Stone King Maker.

As you see the red rubies which preview during the re-spins, these will then be collected. Once 3 or more red rubies are collected during the re-respins, the coin bonus will be activated!

Whilst you’re in the midst of the bonus round, all rubies landing in view will be awarded a prize – which could be varied. If through the change of landing a full row of rubies, you will be awarded a jackpot of 20 times the play value.

However, if you are able to land two full rows of rubies, this will ensure that you achieve a jackpot of a hundred times the play value.

Through the big prizes, ensuring that you gain the biggest return, through landing three full rows of rubies, you will be rewarded the progressive jackpot – depending on the current value, this could be millions of coins!

3 Stone King Maker Luckyland Slots

As you play across the slot, this is where you’re able to win additional bonuses and prizes. Depending on the amount you place within total play this will vary the amount which you’re able to win.

If you’re playing with 400 coins, this will give you 8,000 coins as the minor prize and 40,000 coins as the major prize. This ranges up to the total play of 200,000 coins which will gain you a minor prize of 4,000,000 coins and a major prize of 20,000,000 coins.

However, regardless of the amount, which is in total play, there is a progressive grand jackpot that increases as each spin is in play. Currently placed at 20,727,700 coins, this continues to grow!

Crown of Fire Winning Lines & Symbols

Through playing across the 20 lines, in the midst of knowing the rules and actions of the slot, being able to learn the winning lines and symbols is important too.

As you play the slot, being able to know the winning lines, this is something that you need to look out for as the slots are spinning – you’ll be able to determine your wins before they arrive.

As there are twenty lines to look out for, this will give you, even more, winning lines to spot and more possibilities to win prizes!

Crown of Fire Winning Lines

In addition to the winning lines, there are also levels of winning symbols that you can interact with across the slot.

Being presented with the 8 symbols, for each symbol is presented with levels of rarity which gives you different levels of coins to win if you gain these symbols in the slot.

Crown of Fire Winning Symbols

To be able to explain these symbols further, there are three symbols which are most prominent for the bonuses and prizes you can gain.

Within the slot winning symbols, there is the dragon symbol, free symbol, and the red ruby symbol.

For the dragon symbol, there are wild substitutes for any symbol except Scatter and Coin. Through the dragon symbol, you can also win coins depending on the amount it is shown. Ranging from 200,000 coins to 5 million coins.

In addition, if you win the free symbol by three or more symbols anywhere, this will trigger free spins which you’re able to win – enabling even more prizes!

For the final symbol which you’re able to win from, if you see 3 or more coins symbols, this will trigger the bonus game.

Extra Winning Symbols Crown of Fire

Where Can You Play Crown of Fire Slot?

If you want to engage and indulge yourself in this new, exciting win, you can do this today and gain a range of prizes and bonuses on Luckyland Slots.

Being able to win cash prizes through playing free slots, register via PokerNews, and win even more coins through the Crown of Fire slot!

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