Which Special Events Should You Get Involved With?

GOP3 Special Events

Across Governor of Poker, once you have reached enough chips with the minimum being a 2 million buy-in, there is a range of competitions in which you get involved.

If you’re wanting to build up your chips, or already have enough chips and want to get involved with the special events, here’s how.

What Special Events Can You Play?

Across Governor of Poker, there are 5 different special events in which you can indulge yourself into.

Once you reach the buy-in, you can start your journey of playing these games – so why not jump in and try and beat one of these special events?

Halloween Statue

Through the prizes which are worth from 2 times to up to 1000 times the buy-in, there is also a random draw that will set the prize pool.

Getting started there is a buy-in of 2 million chips, however, once you have gained 5 wins from the spin & play games of the ‘Wild West Statue’ special event, you are able to gain a free buy-in which is worth 10 million coins.

In addition, once you reach 5 wins, you are also able to gain a free spin once you have filled up your stamp card – this will give you a range of prizes.

From the recent top prizes being 2 billion coins, this will take you many advantages to play and indulge yourself in many more games and special events!

GOP3 Halloween Statue

Halloween Balloon

Stepping into Halloween, similar to the previous special event, however, the buy-in is increased to become additional competitive to make it ten million chips.

For the Halloween-based event, through the Halloween balloon, in the limited time for the event, once you have reached 5 wins, you’ll be able to win the event ring – which you’re able to show off!

In addition, for those who gain just 3 wins within this Spin & Play game, you’ll be able to gain a free spin once you have played in the event and filled your stamp card!

As you play in the midst of the spin & play game, you can use your previous skills and experience from the upwards to get the buy-in coins, in addition to the previous special event of ‘Halloween Statue’.

GOP3 Special Event

The Graveyard

Following the continuation of higher buy-ins and even more tense competition, through this dash cash game, there is a buy-in of 25 million chips.

In addition, the blinds of this game, consist of a small blind of 625,000 and a big blind of 1.25 million chips.

This means that you’re able to indulge yourself in this dash cash game and bust your opponents.

However, before you’re able to indulge yourself in the poker game, you might be asking, what is dash poker?

Dash poker is a type of Texas Hold’em where the pre-flop is skipped. Being presented with a slightly quicker game of poker, this is where the name of dash is presented being as a quicker poker format.

When you start a Dash poker round, you will get your first two cards, but the flop will be shown straight away. A flop means you have made a handout of the first two face-up cards dealt.

Through the game, this means you will quickly know how strong your cards are and how you want to strategize your gameplay.

The Graveyard GOP Special Event

Halloween Diamond Balloon

Bringing it back to the Spin & Play games, continuing the trend with buy ins and bigger levels of action towards the competition in the poker game.

Featuring a level of the jackpot at 50 billion coins, this will bring you the level of coins that will enable you to continue through the levels and future special events to get involved with.

However, within this Halloween special you only need one win to be able to win the Halloween event ring. This features in the prize range you’re able to win which goes from 2 times to 1000 times the buy-in.

Within this special event, once you have achieved three wins within this special event, you will get a free spin!

Halloween Diamond Balloon

Western Saloon

Playing hand blinds with a short stack, get involved in this special event with the Push or Fold game.

Starting with a 50 million + 2 million buy-in, this is the top level of competition within these special events and enables you to bring the biggest prizes!

As you get started within this game, there are blinds that feature big blinds at 2.5 million chips and the small blind at 1.25 million chips!

Starting your practice within the beginners’ area of Bandit Hideout Saloon, Push or Fold is a 5-place fast action “all or nothing” poker format – bringing the extra action to the special events!

Since you’re playing high blinds with a short stack, your options are either calling, raising the high blinds, or folding your hand. Ensuring you have a good short-stacked strategy, you can play well!

Western Saloon GOP3

Where Can You Play the Special Events?

Through the four different featured special events, which do you think you could win? With the variance of buy-ins, you can indulge yourself in these events on Governor of Poker 3.

With a welcome bonus of 30,000 chips, you can join these events and become the Governor of Poker.

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