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The Diary of Player X, Vol 9

The Diary of Player X, Vol 9 0001

Player X is a professional poker player who makes his living playing mostly online. The mystery and wild rumors often associated with online play, and people's misconceptions about the lifestyle lead us to decide to do this column on Player X. Make no mistake, Player X is a real player, and these are real results.
Many people in the poker world know Player X, and due to this, and other circumstances, Player X (by his or her choice) will remain anonymous. This person's results are real, however, and we will be able to follow him or her through the reality of being a professional poker player. If I did not know this person, and their reputation, I wouldn't publish this

Volume Nine -

This will be an odd week, as I have arrived in Las Vegas for the WSOP, and will alternate between the card room, and the laptop.


Still at home, and feeling very at home. One of the best days in recent memory, and the WSOP bankroll builds...

+$ 4,435.41 on around 1,600 hands of NL

Day total: +$ 4,435.41

Week total: +$ 4,435.41


Wound up +$ 4,579.35, but had a weird day. Won about $2,700 on a flopped set against tp/tk, and then had Le Donk call his money off with an eight high flush draw, and get there. Still a big day.

Day total: +$ 4,579.35

Week total: $+ 9,014.76


Flew to LV for WSOP

Day total: + 0

Week total: $+ 9,014.76


Chose to play on the laptop, and ride the streak, rather than sweat the card room.

Day total+$ 2732.05 on 80% NL, and 20% Limit

Week total: $ + 11,746.81


Played in the event, but didn't get too far...No online play.

Day total: $ 0

Week total: $ + 11,746.81


Chose to sweat a friend at the Final table rather than play online, or IRL.


Played in the $5k Pot Limit event....

Day Total: $ 0

Week total: $ + 11,746.81

Running total (since first diary entry - Nine weeks total) $+ 46,644.46

Sorry that these aren't more detailed. I'm told it's the results that matter. I'll try to discuss a WSOP event if I can next week.


Ed Note: Big Cash games, similar to the ones player X plays in, are found at Poker Stars.

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