WSOP-C Rincon, Day 2: Sabat Leads as Watkinson, Smith Make Final

WSOP-C Rincon, Day 2: Sabat Leads as Watkinson, Smith Make Final 0001

The second day of the World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event at Harrah's Rincon Resort kicked off with 27 players remaining. In a short session, 18 players were eliminated within less than six hours of play to set the final table, with some big names sitting behind deep stacks as the day wound down. Kenny Bedoya started Day 2 with the lead and finished it in second behind Edward Sabat, joined at the final table by tournament poker superstars Lee Watkinson and Gavin Smith.

With only 27 players starting the day and 18 places paying, it didn't take long for the money bubble to burst. Tom West was the unlucky 19th-place finisher when he ran 88 into Evan Schwartz's AA. No eight came on the board for West, and he was eliminated on the bubble.

Pete de Best was the first to fall after the redraw for the final two tables, moving all in from the button on a steal attempt with K7. Scott Reese called from the big blind with A9, which held up to bust de Best in 18th ($8,482) on a board of 810J36. Peter Neff ran KJ into Sang Hwang's KK, and went home in 17th ($8,482) when he got no help from the board. Next, Vanessa Rousso shoved her short stack in with J7, and found one caller in Scott Reese with AQ. The flop of Q95 left Rousso drawing thin, and the turn and river came down 98 to send Rousso to the rail in 16th ($8,482).

Evan Schwartz caught a fortunate river to bust Matthew Hyman in 15th ($9,895) despite getting the chips in ahead. Hyman re-raised all in preflop with AQ, and Schwartz called with AK. The QJ4 flop gave the lead to Heyman, but the 10 on the river made Schwartz' straight and sent Heyman to the rail. Michael Dolan was next to fall when he called Michael Pickett's all in with QJ, only to see Pickett table AQ. The board ran out 7939K, and Dolan was eliminated in 14th ($9,895).

Sang Hwang was eliminated in 13th place ($9,895) when he pushed all in with A6. Damien Oborne made the call from the big blind with 109, and picked up a straight draw on the flop of 8J2. The 10 on the turn gave him a pair, and the 5 on the river sealed Hwang's fate. Next, Watkinson won a coin flip with AQ against Doug Caillier's JJ to bust Caillier in 12th place ($11,309). Watkinson picked up a queen on the river when the board ran out 855KQ to give him a higher two pair and the knockout.

Schwartz departed after getting the chips in good preflop against David Peters, with AJ against Peters' J10. The flop of 104J left Schwartz drawing to three outs, and when the turn and river came down Q2, he was eliminated in 11th place ($11,309).

It only took a few hands after the final-table redraw for Reese to bust, courtesy of Edward Sabat. Sabat opened for a raise, and Reese made the call to see a flop of 6QQ. Sabat check-raised Reese, who re-raised. Sabat moved all in and Reese insta-called with AQ for trips, top kicker, but he was drawing thin against Sabat's flopped full house with 66. The turn and river came down J4 to send Reese home in 10th place ($11,309) and set the final table.

Sabat took the chip lead out of Day 2, with the seating assignments and chip stacks beginning today's final as follows:

Seat 1: Gavin Smith - 197,500

Seat 2: David Peters - 442,000

Seat 3: Damien Oborne - 124,000

Seat 4: Jon Eaton - 75,000

Seat 5: Kenny Bedoya - 701,500

Seat 6: Michael Pickett - 121,000

Seat 7: Edward Sabat - 854,000

Seat 8: Cristian Avendano - 96,500

Seat 9: Lee Watkinson - 337,000

Action begins at 2pm PT with live reporting available here at

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