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UltimateBet Parent Company Tokwiro In the Clear


Although the naming of Russ Hamilton and other UltimateBet cheaters in the Kanawake Gaming Commission's decision on the 2008 Ultimate Bet cheating scandal stole the headlines, the exoneration of Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG, parent company of UB, is also newsworthy as it dispels any theories that Tokwiro was involved in the scandal.

According to the KGC's report, Tokwiro was not aware of the deficiencies in the control system until after the cheating had been initiated. The company cooperated fully with the KGC throughout the investigation to identify anyone responsible for the cheating and none who were identified as “unsuitable” are currently involved in any aspect of Tokwiro’s ownership, management and operations.

"The welfare of our players is our top priority and we are very pleased they now have access to the details of the fraud and all the facts and findings released by the KGC included in their report. A lot of our players have been patiently awaiting the release of the full list of usernames involved in the cheating incidences, and we can now answer any of their outstanding inquiries," said Tokwiro's CEO Paul Leggett in a recent press release.

Cleared of any wrongdoing, Tokwiro appears to be on the right track toward rebuilding the Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker brands. Having paid players $22,054,351.91 in refund fees, no further legal hurdles appear to be pending for Tokwiro, which is moving past the scandal.

"It is extremely important to us that our players and the rest of the poker community understand that the individuals who perpetrated the cheating have never had any involvement with our company and we hope that the KGC report helps to inform the poker community of this fact. Over the past year we have literally rebuilt our company, creating a new management team and core staff that are poker players themselves and passionate about the game, and we are very excited to demonstrate what we can do in the coming months," Leggett said.

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