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The Weekly Turbo: Brunson 10 Adds 1, NAPT Mohegan Changes, and More

The Weekly Turbo: Brunson 10 Adds 1, NAPT Mohegan Changes, and More 0001

Maybe you were in the middle of a MiniFTOPS event and couldn't get around to reading the Nightly Turbo one day this week. Well, it's a good thing we're here, bringing you the week's top news stories. You'll find out about the Brunson 10's newest member, the NAPT Mohegan's changes, and more in the Weekly Turbo.

Poker Pro Endorsements

We've already showed you the Two Plus Two thread on why Antonio Esfandiari can never beat Phil Laak, and although that thread started off pretty weak, it ended up epic. There's another one on the verge of epic, as well.

Two Plus Two poster "Eponymous" started the thread on poker pro endorsements with two hilarious Photoshop photos: Phil Hellmuth's Poker Brats and HeadOn: Apply directly to Akenhead.

Writing about them really does no justice. You have to see them and you can do that here.

Cantu's Wynn Win

The Weekly Turbo: Brunson 10 Adds 1, NAPT Mohegan Changes, and More 101

Brandon Cantu went into the third and final day of the Wynn Classic with the chip lead. At the end of the day, he had all the chips. He was the last man standing after the three-day 242-player tournament was over and took home $363,844.

Only 24 of the 28 players who began Day 3 made the money. Among those, Justin Bonomo finished 17th, taking home $11,737, Tony Korfman's 14th place finish garnered him $14,671, and Erick Lindgren walked away with $17,606 for his 10th place finish.

You can find the full list of results at

Cada's Latest Shodown

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Shodown Couture has announced the signing of Joe Cada as the latest celebrity spokesperson for the brand. Cada joins Paul Wasicka and Mike "Timex" McDonald on the Shodown Pro-Team.

“The signing is a perfect match with Shodown’s brand image and philosophy. Joe’s style is aggressive but he is respectful while playing. He intimidates at the tables.” said Philip Lake, president and founder of Shodown. “He is the face of poker and is extremely talented. He represents what Shodown is about: quality play, bad ass style, and respect for the game.”

Want to dress like the Champ? Check out all the Shodown Couture gear here.

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The Brunson 6

DoylesRoom has announced the sixth member of the Brunson 10. Steve "gboro780" Gross is the newbie on the team. He has close to $3 million in career online tournament winnings and in 2009 was named Card Player's Online Player of the Year.

“Steve’s record speaks for itself. Player of the year in 2009, on his way to another one this year, the kid is unbelievable," said the group's poppa, Doyle Brunson.

Gross joins Alex "AJKHoosier1" Kamberis, Zachary "Crazy Zachary" Clark, Amit "amak316" Makhija, Chris "Moorman1" Moorman, and Dani "ansky" Stern on the team.

It has taken quite a while to get to six, we're just wondering which will finish or fill up faster, the "durrrr" Challenge or the Brunson 10.

No Access in Estonia

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board has blocked access to foreign online poker sites. If an online site doesn't have a license issued in Estonia, it has been banned. And that's pretty much all online poker sites, seeing as how the only one with a license is the Estonian Olympic Casino. There is also one online poker site with a license pending.

The legal age to gamble in Estonia at a walk-in casino is 21 and the age is also the same for the online Estonian Olympic Casino. Needless to say, members of Estonian poker forums and bloggers are a bit upset.

"(The ISPs) will get fined ~600 euro as for the first time. WHAT THE F*CK ---> if we were to get caught using proxies, we get fined for ~2600 euros along with the ISP," wrote Harrei Genam in his blog on Friendly Poker.

Read more about it at

NAPT Mohegan Sun Changes

The North American Poker Tour Mohegan Sun High-Roller event is seeing some changes. Originally, the high-roller event was supposed to be a $10,000 uncapped bounty shootout. The event has been changed to a $25,000 bounty shootout that will be capped at 81 players.

This curveball has caused quite the ruckus on the forums. The Two Plus Two community has plenty to say about it.

Satellites are running now for NAPT Mohegan Sun. Sign up for a PokerStars account today and win your way there.

Giving a Dog a Bone

The Weekly Turbo: Brunson 10 Adds 1, NAPT Mohegan Changes, and More 103

The Fourth Annual Jennifer Harnman Charity Poker Tournament is set to take place at the Venetian in Las Vegas on April 13. The $300 + $30 buy-in tournament will have $100 rebuys during the first three levels of play and a one-time $100 add-on. The event will begin at 4:00 and everyone's favorite tournament director, Matt Savage, will be the emcee for the night. All proceeds from the event benefit the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals No-Kill Animal Shelter.

The winner of the tournament will win a seat to the World Series of Poker Main Event and a Curtis & Co., watch. Confirmed celebrities are Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins), Cheryl Hines, Lou Diamond Phillips, artist Michael Godard, and, of course, the standard pro poker player contingent.

Find out more at

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