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UBOC5: ALLRGCTONUTS Takes Down Event #7; Tiffany Michelle Makes Deep Run in Event #8

UBOC5: ALLRGCTONUTS Takes Down Event #7; Tiffany Michelle Makes Deep Run in Event #8 0001

The Ultimate Bet Online Poker Championship Series’ fifth installment, which is hosted by UB and AP (Absolute Poker) in conjunction with the CEREUS Network, is one of the most anticipated online poker series, offering a combined $4 million in guaranteed prize pools and drawing online poker pros and amateurs from around the world. For those who can’t afford the various buy-ins, the Mini-UBOC, which runs simultaneously with the UBOC and offers the same tournament at one-tenth of the price, is an excellent option. The winner of each UBOC tournament not only receives a nice payday but also receives a championship watch, as well. In addition, anyone who eliminates a Team UB pro receives $200 and a UBOC T-shirt. On Sunday, the action continued with two more UBOC5 tournaments, Events #7 and #8.

The first event of the day, Event #7 $200 + $15 PLO 1 rebuy + 1 add-on, drew 246 players, creating a prize pool of $117,400. The event was hosted byMatt Graham, who finished in 67th place, and saw a number of UB pros in action including: Brandon Cantu (205th), Mark “Poker Ho” Kroon (109th), Annie Duke (84th), and Gary “DEBO 34” Debernardi (39th). Although all of these pros failed to make the money, a number of recognizable players didn’t. Chris Moorman and Kevin MacPhee both made deep runs and finished in the money, although they failed to make the final table. In the end, it was ALLRGCTONUTS who defeated JROMB heads up to take down the $30,524 first-place prize.

UBOC5 Event #7 (PLO 1 rebuy + 1 add-on)

Buy-in: $200 + $15

Guarantee: $100,000
Prize Pool: $117,400

Entrants: 246

1. ALLRGCTONUTS - $30,524

2. JROMB - $18,197
3. TORKOLORT - $12,914

4. APSTER - $9,392

5. POCKET00 - $7,689.70

6. Marius “DEVILTRUCK” Olsvik - $6,457

7. NIBBLER - $5,283

8. MIDORA - $4,109
9. ZLUCKY93 - $2,935

Notable Finishes: Andres “THE MOB RULES” Pereyra (10th - $1,761), Chris “INYOUREYE111” Moorman (12th - $1,761), Dylan “IMALUCSAC” Linde (13th - $1,408.80), Alon “HAMAZRIYA3” Nissim (18th - $997.90), David “HEYIMDRO” Rowan (19th - $997.90), Kevin “IMALUCKYSAC” MacPhee (22nd - $821.80), Jeremy “THECHEMIST83” Gaubert (25th - $821.80)

The Mini-UBOC5 Event #7 $20 + $2.00 PLO 1 rebuy + 1 add-on was hosted by online pro ELIASHARRIS, who finished fourth in UBOC5 Event #4 NLH 4 Max this past weekend. The event drew 300 participants and created a prize pool of $13,340, surpassing the $10,000 guarantee. Unfortunately for the host, he couldn’t get anything going and was bounced in 232nd place. Likewise, UB pros Mark “Poker Ho” Kroon (227th) and Gary “DEBO 34” Debernardi (146th) made early exits from the tournament. The final table saw TQ23 heads up against PADONKO, with TQ23 emerging victorious and winning the first-place prize of $3,335 for his performance.

Mini-UBOC5 Event #7 (PLO 1 rebuy + 1 add-on)

Buy-in: $20.00 + $2.00

Guarantee: $10,000
Prize Pool: $13,340

Entrants: 300

1. TQ23 - $3,335

2. PADONKO - $2,021.01
3. ALKOSOFT - $1,400.70

4. Walter “RUNSONWATER” Wright - $1,033.85

5. M_LESTER - $867.10

6. IMPLIEDODDS1 - $700.35

7. IMHIDONKS - $566.95

8. GMANAUM23 - $433.55
9. SKIFOOL - $300.15

The eighth event of the UBOC5, $1,000 + $50 Deepstack NLH 6-Max, is the biggest tournament outside of the UBOC Championship. There was a $500k guarantee, but with 583 entrants, the prize pool swelled to $583,000. Not surprisingly, a number of UB pros took their shots at a huge payday. Among them were “Hollywood Dave” Stann (478th), Gary “DEBO 34” Debernardi (360th), Mark “Poker Ho” Kroon (344th), Brandon Cantu (331st), Trishelle Cannatella (292nd), Mark Seif (274th), Adam “Roothlus” Levy (272nd), Eric Baldwin (181st) and Bryan Devonshire (172nd), all of whom failed to make the money.

A couple of pros did manage to succeed. Matt Graham finished in 57th place, good for his second cash of the UBOC5, while Tiffany Michelle made a deep run down to the final five tables. At that point, she was short-stacked and had to make a move. Her final hand came when TAKTIX907 (239,941 in chips) raised to 4,445 and Michelle (27,303 in chips) moved all-in. TAKTIX907 made the call with {2-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} and was racing against Michelle’s {A-Clubs}{J-Hearts}. The UB pro took the lead when the flop came down {10-Spades}{A-Spades}{9-Spades} and was in good shape to double; however, the {2-Hearts} on the turn gave TAKTIX907 a set and left Michelle drawing dead. To rub salt in the wound, the river came the {2-Spades}, improving TAKTIX907 to quads, while eliminating Michelle in 26th place.

The final table saw some recognizable names in Justin “LOCKDOWNTEX” Allen, Joao “JOAOMATHIAS” Mathias Baumgarten, and Jeremy “DUHDUHDAISY” Fitzpatrick. In the end, it was Fitzpatrick who was squaring off against DANNYILLS in heads-up play. The decisive hand came when DUHDUHDAISY (1,267,339 in chips) raised to 28,000, DANNYILLS (1,647,661 in chips) reraised to 67,899, DUHDUHDAISY made it 142,325 and DANNYILLS called. The flop came down {10-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{A-Clubs} and DANNYILLS checked. DUHDUHDAISY the bet 163,325 and received a call. DANNYILLS checked the {Q-Diamonds} on the turn and then called DUHDUHDAISY’s 231,225 bet. The river was the {K-Clubs} and DUHDUHDAISY moved all-in after a check by his opponent. DANNYILLS called but mucked after seeing DUHDUHDAISY’s {A-Hearts}{K-Diamonds} for top two pair. DUHDUHDAISY collected the 2,534,678 pot and took a huge chip lead.

Just six hands later, the two got the chips all-in preflop. DANNYILLS held {Q-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} and was behind DUHDUHDAISY’s {K-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}. The board ran out {8-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{A-Hearts}, giving Jeremy “DUHDUHDAISY” Fitzpatrick the victory in one of the UBOC’s most prestigious event, along with the $134,090 first-place prize.

UBOC5 Event #8 (Deepstack NLH 6-Max)

Buy-in: $1,000 + $50
Guarantee: $500,000

Prize Pool: $583,000

Entrants: 583

1. Jeremy “DUHDUHDAISY” Fitzpatrick - $134,090
2. DANNYILLS - $81,620
3. UPAY4RHINOS - $54,219
4. Joao “JOAOMATHIAS” Mathias Baumgarten - $37,895
5. Justin “LOCKDOWNTEX” Allen - $32,065
6. POOLI - $26,235

Notable Finishes: Jason “N0VASKY” Koon (8th - $15,741), Michael “SKAMMES” Tureniec (11th - $6,996), Russ “ZESTFULYCLEAN” Myers (13th - $5,247), Jonathan “THEROOKIEQQ9” Plens (14th - $5,247), Michael “SPIN31” Spinasanta (17th - $5,247), Mickey “MEMENT_MORI” Petersen (19th - $4,372.50), Tiffany Michelle (26th - $3,206.50), ANTESVANTE (35th - $2,623.50), Jon “PEARLJAMMED” Turner (52nd - $1,749), Matt Graham (57th - $1,749), Joe “ENDER555” Ebanks (62nd - $1,457.50)

The second Mini-UBOC5 event of the day, Event #8 Deepstack NLH 6-Max, hosted by Thomas “GOGATORS86” Gabriel, drew a huge field of 1,097 players. This juiced the $20,000 guaranteed prize pool by $6,675 and made for some fierce competitionAfter many hours of play, only OUDLANGER610 and THEBPSTAR remained to battle heads up.

The final hand of the tournament came when OUDLANGER610 (3,126,732 in chips) raised to 120,000, THEBPSTAR (2,208,268 in chips) reraised to 372,000 and OUDLANGER610 called. The flop came down {7-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{2-Clubs} and THEBPSTAR checked. Action then heated up when OUDLANGER610 bet 322,220, THEBPSTAR raised to 1,722,660 and OUDLANGER610 pushed all in. After a call, the two showed their cards:

OUDLANGER610 - {9-Diamonds}{A-Clubs} for a pair of nines with the nut flush draw
THEBPSTAR - {Q-Diamonds}{7-Spades} for a pair of queens

The turn was the {Q-Clubs}, giving OUDLANGER610 the flush and leaving his opponent drawing to a queen or seven. The {10-Spades} appeared on the river and OUDLANGER610 became the Mini-UBOC5 Event #8 champion, for which he earned $5,868.50.

Mini- UBOC5 Event #8 (Deepstack NLH 6-Max)
Buy-in: $25.00 + $2.50
Guarantee: $20,000

Prize Pool: $26,675

Entrants: 1,067

1. OUDLANGER610 - $5,868.50
2. THEBPSTAR - $3,350.38
3. TTAZZA - $2,406.08
4. BRICK420 - $1,600.50
5. BEATBEAR6 - $1,333.75
6. PVILLEPLAYA - $1,067.00

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