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Your Guide To Omaha, Stud, and Mixed Events at the 2011 World Series of Poker

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Last week, the 2011 World Series of Poker schedule was released. Fifty-eight events are on the docket, running from May 31 to July 19. Straight-up Texas hold'em events were prevalent throughout the slate, and we took a close look at those 35 events here. There are 23 other tournaments to look forward to this summer, and we are here to break them down for you.

The Poker Players' Championship (8-Game)

$50,000Event #55July 2-6

While winning the Main Event will earn you more money and get you more airtime on ESPN, this is the event that every top poker pro wants to win.

Pot-Limit Omaha

$1,500Event #22June 13-15
$3,000Event #31June 17-19
$10,000Event #42 (Championship)June 24-26

After hold'em, there is no doubt that Omaha is the game of choice in the poker world. No $10,000 Championship Event (aside from the Main Event) drew a bigger crowd in 2010. The same goes for the $1,500 PLO tournament, attracting the biggest field in a non-hold'em event last year.

Pot-Limit Omaha 6-max

$5,000Event #35June 20-22

Last year, the $5,000 PLO tournament was a full-ring game, but now as a six-handed affair you can expect an even more skilled and aggressive field.

Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo

$1,500Event #51June 30 - July 2
$5,000Event #57July 5-7

If you're tired of playing hold'em and need a break before the Main Event starts, two PLO hi/lo tournaments conveniently kick off the week leading up to it.

Omaha Hi/Lo

$1,500Event #3June 1-3
$10,000Event #11 (Championship)June 6-8

Blink and you'll miss the only two pure Omaha hi/lo events on the schedule. By the time the first week of the WSOP is complete, you'll have missed your chance to play.

Omaha Hi/Lo / Stud Hi/Lo

$2,500Event #47June 27-29

The ultimate split-pot tournament was off the 2010 schedule, but it's back for 2011. You may have heard of the guy who won this event in 2009 — Phil Ivey.

Stud Hi/Lo

$1,500Event #25June 14-16
$10,000Event #33 (Championship)June 18-20

Love pounding a made high hand when your opponent is making awful calls and praying to catch a low? This is your game.


$1,500Event #5June 2-4
$10,000Event #21 (Championship)June 12-14

What was the first tournament played at the WSOP? That's right, it was seven-card stud back in 1971. Puggy Pearson took it and his first of four bracelets. Might not be a bad idea to follow his lead.


$1,500Event #17June 10-12
$10,000Event #37 (Championship)June 21-23

A good limit player's dream. Show off your all-around limit skill in five different games.

2-7 Draw Lowball

$1,500Event #9 (No-Limit)June 4-6
$10,000Event #16 (No-Limit Championship)June 9-11
$2,500Event #49 (Limit)June 28-30

Your best shot at winning a bracelet may very well be in lowball. No event had fewer entrants than the $10,000 Lowball Championship last year (101). Also, out of all the $2,500 and cheaper events on the 2010 schedule, the lowball events had the smallest fields (250 and 291).


$2,500Event #44June 25-27

The sole razz-only tournament on the schedule, this one always seems to produce a well-known winner (Katja Thater - 2007, Barry Greenstein - 2008, Jeff Lisandro - 2009, Frank Kassela - 2010).


$2,500Event #23June 13-15

The same format as The Poker Players' Championship, this $2,500 buy-in is a bit more affordable to the rest of the poker world.

10-Game 6-max

$2,500Event #29June 16-18

Badugi makes its debut to the WSOP as part of the 10-Game event. Also joining the usual eight games is no-limit 2-7 draw lowball. Winning this one can certainly earn you some bragging rights as an excellent all-around player (or you just ran really well in 10 games).

Pot-Limit Hold'em/Pot-Limit Omaha

$2,500Event #39June 22-24

Like hold'em and Omaha? Don't want to deal with all of those other limit games? This is the only event where you can play the two most popular games without interruption.

PokerNews is thrilled to once again be providing the official live updates from the tournament floor for all 58 bracelet events. You can see the full 2011 WSOP schedule here.

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