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The PokerStars Sunday Storm by the Numbers

PokerStars Sunday Storm

Last Sunday, PokerStars took its Sunday 1/4 Million and turned it into the Sunday Storm. For one week only, the $10 buy-in tournament guaranteed a prize pool of $1 million and a $200,000+ first-place prize. It was certainly a success as both guarantees were eclipsed. Taking it down was "Uvelir888" for $210,531.74, but there were some other striking statistics and facts that stood out from Sunday's excitement. Lets take a look.

113,770 Entrants

Because Thursday was Opening Day 2011 for Major League Baseball, let's make a comparison to America's favorite pastime. Love them or hate them, the New York Yankees are the Phil Hellmuth of baseball. They've got the most World Series titles, he's got the most World Series bracelets. Where did they win most of there championships? Yankee Stadium, of course. Combine the capacities of Old Yankee Stadium (before it was demolished) and New Yankee Stadium, and you've got just about the number of entrants in the Sunday Storm, the second non-freeroll online poker tournament to draw a more than 100,000 entrants — ever.

11 Hours, 2 Minutes

So for whatever reason, say you decided to sleep through the entire Sunday Storm. Sure, you got a good night's sleep. What did you miss? A massive field of 113,770 whittled down to a sole player in 662 minutes. Breaking down the numbers, an average of 171 players busted per minute and nearly three players busted every second.

1,913,825% ROI

Yep, that number is real.

2010 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel collected $8,944,310 for his victory back in November. That's a lot of money, obviously, and his 89,343% ROI in that tournament is pretty remarkable. Now imagine Duhamel's win earning the same 1,913,825% ROI that "Uvelir888" did in the Sunday Storm — you'd get a cool $191,390,000.

PokerStars Team Pro Results

PokerStars Team Pro EntrantsTotal Entrants% of Total Field
PokerStars Team Pro CashesTotal Cashes% of Total Cashes
Dennis Phillips1,165$56.88
JP Kelly2,382$45.50
Liv Boeree4,171$34.13
Nuno Coelho4,574$34.13
Barry Greenstein4,722$34.13
Joep “pappe_ruk” van den Bijgaart6,017$34.13
Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth6,377$34.13
Shane “shaniac” Schleger6,940$34.13
Tyler “frosty012” Frost9,010$22.75
Mathew “chipstar1” Didlick10,999$22.75

Are you the type that is glass half-full or glass half-empty? On the one hand, the percentage of PokerStars Team Pros that cashed is greater than the percentage that entered, so points for a respectable overall team performance. On the other hand, they were still in the red P&L wise. They invested a total of $539, but only cashed for $352.66. You be the judge, but considering the massive field, it was feasible for none to cash. A solid showing is what I say.

The Sunday Storm is here to stay with a weekly guarantee of $300,000. Sign up for a PokerStars account today to partake in the action!

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