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The $25K High Roller Fantasy Poker League

Daniel Negreanu

Any tournament in poker with a $25,000 buy-in is usually referred to as a “High-Roller” event; as such, we suppose the fantasy poker draft recently hosted by Daniel Negreanu could be referred to as the “High-Roller Fantasy Poker League.” Who partook? Fifteen players/teams entered, including Jason Mercier, Huck Seed, Barry Greenstein, and Erick Lindgren.

Before the World Series of Poker began, Negreanu and the other participants gathered at the Aria for an auction draft. Not sure what that means? Negreanu explained it best in his blog: “Each team gets 200 to spend on 8 players. A player is nominated, then goes to the highest bidder. So if you want Phil Ivey, you would have had to spend 108 of your 200 bankroll to get him, leaving you just 92 left to fill out the rest of your team.”

Obviously Negreanu wrote that blog before he knew Ivey wouldn’t be playing in this year’s WSOP, but you get the gist. The draft itself was open to the public in an Aria suite, complete with a projector screen and full bar. Needless to say, much merrymaking and spirits were to be had at the draft. So much so that there were some unfortunate, albeit entertaining, mistakes. Negreanu provided one example: "The Hoyt Corkins pick [by Team Robert Mizrachi/Greg Meuller/Jared Bleznick/"Crazy" Mike] was an accident, as Bleznick just yelled out 'five' after Todd Brunson threw him out for 1. In a pool like this, the right price for Corkins was 1.”

Here is a look at the $25K High Roller Fantasy Poker League draft results.

Team Joe Cassidy/Huck Seed

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Tom Dwan62
2Vladimir Schemelev33
3Alexander Kostritsyn58
4Jennifer Harman19
5Sam Trickett7
6David Pham1
7Vitaly Lunkin10
8David Bach1

Team Barry Greenstein

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Barry Greenstein64
2Phil Ivey108
3Chau Giang19
4John Pham2
5Ralph Perry3
6Ted Forrest1
7Joe Serock1
8Jimmy Fricke1

Team Robert Mizrachi/Greg Meuller/Jared Bleznick/"Crazy" Mike

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Daniel Alaei80
2Robert Mizrachi51
3Josh Arieh26
4Hoyt Corkins5
5Chad Brown24
6Marco Traniello1
7David “ODB” Baker5
8Lee Goldman1

Team Justin "BoostedJ" Smith/Ashton Griffin

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Justin "BoostedJ" Smith64
2Huck Seed50
3Ali Eslami35
4David Chiu32
5Farzad Bonyadi3
6Amnon Filippi1
7Eli Elezra4
8Mike “SirWatts” Watson10

Team Eugene Katchalov/Daniel Alaei

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Eugene Katchalov72
2Steve Sung6
3Matt Hawrilenko32
4Nikolai Evdakov12
5Pat Pezzin14
6Mikael Thuritz28
7Ville Wahlbeck15
8Abe Mosseri21

Team Casey Katz

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Erik Seidel43
2John Juanda53
3Michael Mizrachi50
4Carlos Mortensen19
5Annette Obrestad1
6Jason Somerville1
7David Singer20
8Eric Baldwin13

Team Scott Seiver/Justin Bonomo/Eric Froelich

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Matt Glantz58
2Sorel Mizzi40
3Justin Bonomo43
4Christian "charder30" Harder5
5Jon "PearlJammed" Turner13
6Andrew Brown9
7John Monnette11
8Greg Mueller21

Team Jason Mercier/Jason Somerville

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Michael Binger45
2Dan "djk123" Kelly36
3Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier18
4David Oppenheim6
5Allen Bari36
6Daivd “Bakes” Baker40
7Ben Lamb15
8Bryn Kenney4

Team James Bord/Toby Lewis

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Nick Schulman64
2Scott Clements45
3Shaun Deeb38
4Luke Schwartz1
5Richard Ashby28
6Andy Bloch6
7Anthony Lellouche1
8James Bord1

Team Daniel Negreanu

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Scott Seiver73
2Jason Mercier74
3Yuval Bronshtein18
4Yueqi Zhu5
5Mike Matusow12
6Roland De Wolfe1
7Gavin Smith1
8Steve "MrSmokey1" Billirakis16

Team Frank Kassela/Shaun Deeb

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Daniel Negreanu89
2Frank Kassela41
3Dwyte Pilgrim10
4Allen Cunningham25
5Victor Ramdin1
6Rob Hollink17
7Thomas Koral1
8Dario Minieri16

Team Erick Lingdren/David Oppenhiem

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Erick Lindgren61
2David Benyamine58
3Shawn Buchanan63
4Eric Froehlich6
5Shannon Shorr1
6Kirill Gerasimov1
7George "Jorj95" Lind III9
8Brian Hastings1

Team Todd Brunson

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Todd Brunson40
2Scotty Nguyen35
3Phil Hellmuth38
4Freddy Deeb23
5Allen Kessler41
6Chris Ferguson4
7Minh Ly1
8Shun Uchida1

Team Mori Eskandani

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Jeffrey Lisandro50
2Chris Bjorin38
3Men “The Master” Nguyen27
4Dan Heimiller21
5Tom Marchese10
6David Williams14
7Vanessa Selbst5
8Phil Galfond35

Team Vladimir Shchemelev

RoundPlayerPoints Bid
1Sebastien Sabic40
2Joe Cassidy43
3Brett Richey37
4Patrik Antonius5
5Jared Bleznick8
6“Crazy” Marco Johnson43
7Alex Kravchenko21
8Sergey "gipsy74" Rybachenko31

If you want to read a full analysis on each team and determined by Negreanu, be sure to check out his blog. Also, if you’re a fan of fantasy poker, be sure to read our recap of the 2011 ESPN Fantasy Poker League.

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