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World Poker Tour Parx Open Poker Classic Day 4: Stephen Reynolds Leads Final Table

Stephen Reynolds

Day 4 of the World Poker Tour Parx Open Poker Classic saw 16 players return with Tony Gregg holding a big lead over the rest of the field. At the end of play, only six players remained, all at the official WPT televised final table, and all guaranteed at least $61,619. Stephen Reynolds was clinging to the chip lead with a stack of 4.035 million.

Reynolds is coming off a decent World Series of Poker where he made two deep runs. Both times, he placed 11th. His first deep run of the summer was in Event #9: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Entry for over $46,000 and the second was in Event #46: $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em for over $38,000.

The action didn't disappoint early on, and the chips were flying minutes after the first cards were dealt. Kevin Calenzo and Vinny Pahuja found themselves with all the chips in the middle, a confrontation that resulted in Calenzo's elimination in 16th place. According to the WPT Live Reporting Blog, Calenzo moved all in preflop with the {K-Diamonds}{K-Hearts} and was up against the {J-Clubs}{J-Hearts} for Pahuja. The flop put Pahuja in the lead when a jack spiked, and he held from there as the board ran out {J-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{8-Hearts}.

Next out the door was Brent Roberts, who fell at the hands of Gregg when his pocket eights ran into the start-of-the-day chip leader's pocket aces. Timothy Chang then fell in 14th and Pahuja in 13th. It seemed Pahuja had used up all of his luck when he busted Calenzo by coming from behind as he was busted holding the best hand. All-in preflop, Pahuja held the {A-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds} to Joseph Wertz's {A-Clubs}{10-Clubs}. Although Pahuja stayed in front on the {9-Hearts}{6-Spades}{4-Hearts} flop, the turn was the {10-Diamonds} and catapulted Wertz to the lead. The river landed with the {8-Hearts} and Pahuja was off to the payout desk. After the hand Pahuja said on Twitter, “Guess I deserved that after getting it in bad twice.”

Following the bust outs of Alan Kraut in 12th place and Athanasios Polychronopoulos in 11th place, the remaining 10 players were seated at one table. Robert Pyne then fell in 10th place and Tommy Miller headed to the rail in ninth place. With eight players left, Wertz was next to go to put the tournament on the official final table bubble.

Wertz went out during Level 24 with the blinds at 12,000/24,000/4,000. He raised from under the gun to 50,000 and Gregg reraised to 124,000 from the small blind. Action went back to Wertz and he shoved for 460,000. Gregg called holding {J-Hearts}{J-Spades}. Wertz, with {A-Diamonds}{K-Spades}, was at risk and looking to double. On the {8-Hearts}{4-Spades}{3-Spades} flop, Wertz missed and was down to just two more cards. The turn was the {J-Clubs}, though, and put the final dagger through Wertz's heart and leaving him officially drawing dead. The river completed the board with the {3-Diamonds}.

Level 24 ended around 1850 EDT (2350 BST) and the final seven players went on a 75-minute dinner break. At that break, Reynolds was on top with 3.205 million in chips. Bringing up the rear and in need of food to fuel his post-dinner comeback attempt was Andre Nyffeler with 534,000.

Roughly 90 minutes after the players' return from dinner, the final hand of the day came up. Nyffeler was the shortest stack returning from dinner and at the most risk, but he was able to stick around and watch Joey Couden be eliminated.

With the blinds at 15,000/30,000/5,000, Couden min-raised from middle position to 60,000 and action folded to Gregg in the small blind. He reraised all-in. Play got back to Couden and he called to put himself at risk for 550,000. He held the {K-Clubs}{K-Diamonds} and was in front of the {J-Diamonds}{J-Hearts} for Gregg. After a flop, turn and river of {Q-Spades}{3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{J-Spades}{9-Diamonds} ran out, Couden finished second best to Gregg's full house.

With Couden's elimination, six players remained, all officially at the WPT televised final table. Reynolds proved to be the man to catch with over 4 million while Gregg finished on 3.6 million. You will find the seat draw for Wednesday's final table below.

1Stephen Reynolds4,035,000
2Andre Nyffeler895,000
3Chris Lee3,040,000
4Tony Gregg3,600,000
5Larry Sharp870,000
6Chris Vandeursen2,430,000

The final table is scheduled to kick off at 1600 EDT (2100 BST) on Wednesday and things won't end until a winner is crowned. There's $416,127 up top and everyone left is licking their chops. Following the completion of play, PokerNews will bring you a complete recap.

*Hands and Data courtesy of the WPT Live Reporting Blog.

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