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LiveAce Poker Offers Competitive Ring Games and Daily Cash Prizes


US online poker site launched in August 2013 to much fanfare with its revolutionary rake-free ring games and unique daily cash auctions. offers competitive ring games (not tournaments) and has awarded tens of thousands in cash since launch. The site is legal in 31 states and the District of Columbia*. LiveAce teamed up with World Series of Poker bracelet winner and World Poker Tour Player of the Year Andy Frankenberger as its first sponsored pro, and you’ll see other pros playing at the tables already.

You can sign up for free and play your favorite games (no-limit hold'em, limit hold'em, and Omaha) with a chance to win cash immediately. LiveAce offers rake-free ring games so you can play on your schedule. The cutting edge browser-based site allows you to play on your desktop or mobile device with no software to download.

How LiveAce works

Each player starts with a free grant of regular chips. Chips won at the tables are then converted into live chips, which can be used for table buy-ins or to win cash prizes.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. LiveAce has designed a unique system for distributing prizes via daily cash auctions. Everyday, LiveAce auctions up to $1,000 and players can use their live chips to bid on all or a portion of the cash pool. If you don't win any cash in the auction, your live chips are returned to your account, so there's no risk to bidding. Cash won is transferred to your own secure cash account and redemptions are processed within 48 hours via check or Dwolla.

The benefit to LiveAce’s cash auction system is that there are many more winners than a typical tournament site. In a typical tournament site, only about 10% of the field will cash; LiveAce auctions typically see between 50-75% of bidders win. Most importantly, because LiveAce has built a site where the chips have value, not only can you win thousands of dollars every month, but everyone plays to the best of their ability.

In addition to the free basic membership, LiveAce offers a premium membership called Club Live that offers higher monthly chip awards, custom avatars, a real-time odds calculator, hand history, and more.

To learn more about LiveAce, watch this short introductory video:

To learn more about LiveAce’s unique daily cash auctions, watch this short video:

Create your free account today to get a complimentary one-week Club Live membership and start winning!

*No purchase necessary. Please visit terms and conditions for full rules.

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