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2014 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic Day 2: Blackman Leads Again; Ivey Eliminated

Phil Ivey

To say that Scott Blackman's 2014 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic Main Event has gotten off to a good start would be an understatement. After finishing atop Day 1 as the chip leader, Blackman maintained his lead throughout Day 2 and will enter Day 3 as the man to catch once again. He bagged up 380,000 in chips, which is an impressive 100,000 more than anyone else in the tournament.

Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

1Scott Blackman380,000
2Daniel Steinberg280,000
3David Paredes251,000
4Kazu Oshima237,800
5Pete de Best229,900
6Erkut Yilmaz226,700
7Bastion Fischer222,000
8Chris O'Rourke205,500
9Alex Masek199,900
10Bryn Kenney195,000

One of the boosts Blackman's stack saw came when he eliminated Daniel Idema. According to the WPT live updates, the two players got involved in a pot during Level 7 with the blinds at 250/500/75 that saw Idema all in for around 18,000 from the small blind against Blackman in the big blind. Idema had the {A-Spades}{6-Diamonds}, and Blackman held the {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}. The flop, turn, and river ran out {Q-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{7-Spades}{8-Diamonds}, and Idema was eliminated.

Joining Idema on the rail were notable faces Kyle Julius, Mike Sowers, Russell Thomas, Hiren "Sunny" Patel, and Phil Ivey. Ivey's elimination came during Level 9 with the blinds at 400/800/100 thanks to a clash with Jaspal Brar.

After a player in middle position opened with a raise to 1,700, Ivey made the call from the cutoff seat. The button and the small blind both called before Brar, in the big blind, reraised all in for 39,000. The original raiser folded, and Ivey called all in for 21,200. Then, the button and small blind folded to leave Ivey's {Q-Clubs}{J-Clubs} to do battle with the {A-Hearts}{K-Clubs} for Brar. The {A-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{5-Diamonds} flop pretty much sealed the deal for Brar before the {6-Hearts} left Ivey drawing dead on the turn. The {3-Diamonds} completed the board on the river, and Ivey, the Season VI L.A. Poker Classic champion, was eliminated.

Also on Day 2, registration closed for the event and the numbers were tallied. With 534 runners in this year's L.A. Poker Classic Main Event, a prize pool of $5,126,400 was generated and the top 63 spots will make the money. First place will be worth $1,015,460, and everyone who cashes will earn at least $18,970.

Others remaining in the event are Allan Le, Dan O'Brien, Joe Tehan, Jeremy Kottler, Nick Grippo, Jonathan Duhamel, Adam Levy, and Eugene Katchalov.

Day 3 will commence play at 12 p.m. local time, and you can be sure to find a day's recap right here on following its conclusion.

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