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David "davaman" Lopez Is Spain’s Fastest Supernova Elite Ever

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Spanish grinder David "davaman" López became the country’s fastest player ever to reach the Supernova Elite (SNE) status on PokerStars, as he managed to collect the 1,000,000 VPPs required in only three months.

With this result, López broke the record previously held by Javier Etayo, who became Spain’s quickest player to SNE in 2011 after about six months of grinding.

A physical education teacher and poker pro based in Bournemouth, UK, López is yet another member of the community of Spanish players who decided to relocate after the country regulated online poker with the creation of a closed liquidity ring-fenced market.

Commenting on his road to SNE with Spain’s portal Poker Red, López explained that reaching the goal meant turning online poker into something really close to an "ordinary" nine-to-five job as he has been playing for "six to sevens hours a day for six to seven days a week."

López's activity on PokerStars was also well noticed and appreciated by the poker room. Joining a discussion on TwoPlusTwo, a representative from PokerStars wrote that the Spaniard is currently among the world’s top five players holding an SNE status.

Right in front of him is Russia’s Vladimir "shabalinvlad" Shabalin, "tonkaaaa", "daddyrnac" and one more anonymous player.

While celebrating his achievement, López used his Twitter account (@davaman_4) to specify how he sees it as nothing more than the start of a much bigger plan, as his real goal is to reach the ambitious 1,000,000 VPPs quota at least twice more during this year.

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