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Gaming Bill Delay in Mexico Could Benefit Poker Players

Gaming Bill Delay in Mexico Could Benefit Poker Players 0001

Luis Miguel Barbosa, the President of the Mexican Senate, has announced that a new gaming bill for the country will be delayed to be voted on until 2015.

According to PokerFuse, the gaming bill was passed by the Lower House last week and was expected to be fast-tracked for approval before the current Senate session ends on Dec. 15.

The delay is believed to be caused by Barbosa facing a mountain of controversial bills and constitutional amendments, including some from President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Some poker players in Mexico are hopeful that this delay could give them a chance to speak up about why the bill's segregated player base and high tax rate could be less than optimal for players, operators, and the government.

The former President of the Special Commission on Gaming Fernando Zárate recently agreed to meet with a coalition of players to discuss their concerns.

Are Changes in Gaming Licensing Coming to Argentina?

A bit further south, in Argentina, legislators are considering to ban most forms of gaming advertising.

According to iNTERGAME, Argentinian National Deputy Omar Duclos recently introduced a bill which would ban advertising and publicity in print, press, and online for games of chance.

Duclos spoke to journalists about the his party's reasons for the bill: "We need to change the paradigm that views legal gambling as a safe source of income for the Treasury and address the negative consequences, considering the problems involved and their impact on public spending as a result of the disruption caused by compulsive gambling."

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