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The Betting Corner: Refund Triggers Could Change Your Weekend

the betting corner

Bookiesmash has for some time been the place you need to go if you want the best bets on a variety of sports. We've got the best tips going, but this week we have some additional content that we think you'll love.

Our friends at Betfair came up with an amazing deal that we had to bring to your attention. If you're planning to watch Newcastle face off against Sunderland in the Tyne-Wear derby on Sunday (and if you're not, you should be), they're offering some top-value odds.

What's new? Well, even if that killer bet doesn't pay off for you, you have the chance to choose from a series of refund triggers. These will make life much easier for you and make you feel less like throwing your iPad or the remote control against the wall.

Refund triggers mean that, even if your main bet goes wrong, if the trigger happens, you'll get money back. We love to see you get a good win, but we love it even more when you can bet with high stakes, and also have insurance against the risk. For more information on this, and our tips on which trigger to pick, check out this page.

In our Football Betting 101 section, there's more expertise in betting strategy, including our guide to who deserves your money as the likely outright winners of the Champions League. Hint: it ain't who you think. If you're looking to do a bit of long-term betting, don't leave it to speculation. We've got the strategy updates that will make it easy to see the value in a team or a tournament.

We've also got the top bets for this weekend's Premier League, with the nights drawing in, the gloves coming on, and the tackles getting fiercer. It's simply the best time of year for football and for betting, and we can't wait for you to unwrap the great odds we've found - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Football isn't all about grinding out a result. You wouldn't watch football if you didn't enjoy it, and you wouldn't bet on football if the game bored you. What about those special bits of magic that make you realise how special the sport is?

We love football tricks, and we think you will too when you've taken a look at our rundown of the greatest match-turning footballing flicks we've ever seen. If you've got your own suggestions, or maybe you're annoyed we've included Pele but not Maradona or Pirlo, we'd love to know.

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