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The Seven Best Chinese Poker Apps for iPhone and Android

Chinese poker apps

The popularity of open-face Chinese poker has exploded during the past few years, with tens of thousands of players logging into their favourite Chinese poker app daily and playing against friends, family members and complete strangers.

Before open-face Chinese poker rose to prominence, fans of the game had limited choice of mobile Chinese poker apps. These days, with the game being hugely popular, fans of the game can head to the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and choose from a plethora of Chinese poker apps for both iPhone and Android-powered devices.

Many of these Chinese poker apps lay claim to being the best Chinese poker app for iPhone or Android; however, there is one undisputed king of them all — TonyBet Poker. Below is a look at the seven best apps for Chinese poker aficionados.

1. TonyBet Poker

TonyBet Poker launched in December 2013 and became an instant hit thanks to it being the only global site dedicated to real-money open-face Chinese poker games online. Available for Windows-based PCs, Mac, and both Android and iPhone, TonyBet Poker is the place to be if you want to test your skills in cash games, sit-and-go and multi-table tournaments and do so for actual money.

Several Chinese poker variants are offered at TonyBet Poker, including classic, pineapple, 2-7 pineapple and progressive pineapple. Cash game stakes start as low as €0.02 per point and increase to a massive €100 per point if you have the bankroll for it, with tournaments ranging from €1 to €100.

You can play TonyBet Poker on the move thanks to its fantastic Chinese Poker app. iPhone users can download the software either by scanning a QR code on the TonyBet site, or by heading to the Apple App Store. If you want the TonyBet Chinese Poker app Android edition, you can scan a QR code on the TonyBet Poker site or download the software directly from the site.

2. Open Face Chinese Poker by Pocket Cowboys

Remember earlier in the article when we mentioned that mobile Chinese poker apps were few and far between in the beginning? One of the originals apps was Open Face Chinese Poker by Pocket Cowboys and it is still up there with best apps.

The app is simple, yet does the job perfectly and even offers an offline mode for the times you don’t have internet access. To gain access to this Chinese poker app, Android users can head to the Google Play store or the Apple AppStore.

3. ABC Open Face Chinese Poker with Pineapple by PokerPoker LLC

ABC Open Face Chinese Poker with Pineapple is quite comprehensive and, as the name suggest, features the pineapple variant of Chinese poker. It is another app that has been around for quite some time and has been updated on numerous occasions.

The main gripe we have is that the app is iPhone only, and doesn’t feature Android support at present.

.4 Open Face Chinese Poker by MWSGames

While number three on our list only supports Apple devices, the opposite is true of MWSGames’ Open Face Chinese Poker app. Android users should enjoy it’s simple, clear design, and the fact you can play online against other, versus friends on the same device or even a both in offline mode.

The main drawbacks of this app are it isn’t as popular as the previously mentioned apps, so finding games against fellow humans can prove a frustrating task, and the bot isn’t the strongest competition.

5. Open Face Chinese Poker with Pineapple and Wild Cards by Corvid Apps

The great thing about this Chinese poker app, iPhone and Android users can play against each other across platforms. The worst thing? It costs £4.49 ($6.50) in the Apple App Store, which is much more expensive than some of the paid-for apps, and obviously infinitely more expensive that the free-to-play apps.

The app itself runs smoothly, looks clean and has a cool feature where you can shake your device to sort your cards.

6. Open-face Chinese Poker by The Golden Club

This Android-only Chinese poker app would be ranked higher had the number of users been higher. Those of you who love statistics and rankings will enjoy this app because it has a number of statistics available as well as leaderboards.

The lack of iPhone support marks it down, as does the less-than-pleasing color scheme that won’t be to everyone’s taste.

7. Oye Pineapple Poker by Oye Games Ltd

Oye Pineapple Poker promises "heart-pounding tournaments" and "online real-time games around the world" but the traffic is very low when compared to other poker Chinese poker apps.

Both the Chinese poker app Android and iPhone versions have nice graphics, with the app’s biggest downfall being the in-app purchases of chips that are required to play the games.

In summary, none of the mobile Chinese poker apps come close to beating that offered by TonyBet, which is the place to go if you want to play for real money and compete in some potentially huge online and live open-face Chinese poker tournaments. We’ll see you in Fantasyland!

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