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British Player Jailed For Biting Off Opponent's Ear After Poker Game

Poker player sentenced to three years
  • A fight that started during a tournament ended with a player sentenced to three years in prison for ear biting

A British poker player was sentenced to three years in prison following an incident where he bit off the ear of an opponent during a poker tournament.

According to the Ipswich Star, the incident began during a poker tournament at the Ipswich Central Conservative Club when 27-year old Nicholas Salisbury challenged Robert Reed to a fight outside after swearing at one of Reed's friends.

Reed declined to battle it out, but when he went outside for a cigarette, he was unpleasantly knocked to the ground after Salisbury punched him in the face. This did not end things for Salisbury, as when Reed stood up he placed him in a semi-headlock and bit off a piece of his victim's ear in the process.

Every time he looks in the mirror he will be reminded of that evening.

As you can imagine, Reed was stunned, and according to prosecutor Simon Gladwell, he didn't even realize a bit of his ear was chomped off until Salisbury spit it on the ground. Reed was then rushed to the hospital to have the bit of ear grafted back to his body. In addition, Gladwell reported that as a result of the attack Reed incurred a shoulder injury along with swelling in his eye.

Reed's attorney, Nicola May, argued to the Ipswich Crown Court, which ruled on the case, that her client was drinking very heavily that day and does not remember being abusive or attacking Reed.

However, May admitted that her client did, in fact, cause bodily harm to Reed stating that, "He apologizes for the injuries caused to the complainant."

Judge Rupert Overbury was less impressed with May's argument describing Reed's behavior as "crude and obnoxious." Overbury also told the defendant that, "Your attack on Mr. Reed was unprovoked and extremely violent."

Overbury also hopes this serves as a reminder to Salisbury stating to the court that, "Every time he looks in the mirror he will be reminded of that evening."

In addition to the prison term, Salisbury is now barred from making any contact with Reed in the future.

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