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Trevor Sinclair and Graeme Le Saux Go #HeadsUp at 888poker

888 headsup

In the second episode of #HeadsUp, the web series created by 888poker former professional footballers Trevor Sinclair and Graeme Le Saux, saw the duo take their seats to play poker and talk about their careers in front of the camera.

While the poker games seems to be just an excuse to bring the two together - similarly to what happened when Paul Ince and Wayne Bridge joined the web show - the players use their time at the table to share some interesting details about their time in professional football.

"The vainest player I have ever played with is David Beckham. When we were playing with England we would all get the same training kit but he would always modify his," Le Saux said when asked about it by Sinclair.

"[Gianluca] Vialli too," Le Saux continued. "His head was so polished. I think he must have had to shave his head at least five times a day to be like that."

Talking about the worst tattoos they have ever seen, Sinclair shares a funny story about England’s former goalkeeper David James, who decided to get the name of his wife Tanya on his groin - not long before the two decided to get a divorce.

"I remember David James having his wife’s name on his groin but he's not with her anymore. Now he needs to look for a new partner with the same name," Sinclair laughed.

As the chatter continues, the two also find time to play some poker hands. First, Le Saux wins a nice pot beating Sinclair’s two pair with a full house, but then it’s Sinclair to take home the game when his flush beats Le Saux’s {8-}{8-}.

Watch the Second Episode of #HEADSUP

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  • Watch Trevor Sinclair and Graeme Le Saux play poker on the new episode of #HeadsUp.

  • The second episode of 888poker's web series #HeadsUp features Trevor Sinclair and Graeme Le Saux.

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