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David Hubbard Wins Final WSOP Circuit Main Event of the Season in New Orleans

David Hubbard
  • David Hubbard won the final WSOP Circuit Main Event of the season in New Orleans.

The final stop of the 2015-2016 World Series of Poker Circuit season wrapped up on Monday at Harrah's New Orleans in Louisiana. The $1,675 Main Event attracted 785 entries and generated a prize pool over $1.177 million. First place was set at $235,500, and when the dust had settled it was Texan David Hubbard claiming the top prize, the gold ring, and a seat into the Global Poker Championship.

"My first ring, it feels really good," Hubbard told the WSOP after the win. "I've played a lot of tournaments and I've run deep a lot and I got coolered in a few of 'em. So I got paid back in this one big time. I'm a big crybaby. I always complain to my wife, 'Man, this variance never evens out.' But I guess it does. I was in a bracelet event with 70 people left. I ran kings into sixes and there was a six right in the window. I complain, 'I guess the poker gods hate me.' But in this tournament I ran really good."

Final Table Results

1David Hubbard$235,500
2Jake Dollinger$145,186
3Riley Fuller$107,035
4David Diaz$79,776
5David Slaughter$60,253
6Ryan Dunn$46,099
7Corey Brysman$35,714
8Virgil Beddingfield$28,013
9Blake Barousse$22,243

Hubbard began the third and final day of action in fifth place amongst the final 15 competitors. As others fell to the rail moving towards the final table, Hubbard increased his stack slowly and sat down to the final table of 10 in third place. He took a hit to start the final table of 10 when Riley Fuller four-bet jammed on him, but not too long after that Hubbard busted Blake Barousse in ninth place to make it all back and then some.

Hubbard took another hit when Ryan Dunn doubled though him, but then Hubbard himself doubled up when he got a bit lucky against Virgil Beddingfield. It was Hubbard all in with pocket eights against Beddingfield's two jacks, and Hubbard spiked an eight on the flop. Shortly after that, Hubbard finished Beddingfield off in eighth place with {A-}{Q-} beating {A-}{8-} after the two got the money in on an ace-high flop.

After the eliminations of Corey Brysman in seventh and Dunn in sixth, Hubbard scored another double, but this time it was much, much bigger. He got all in with aces against the pocket tens of David Slaughter and won the pot to take a huge chip lead, leaving Slaughter with just two big blinds. Slaughter was bounced shortly after in fifth.

Hubbard took the chip lead into the dinner break with four left. Upon return, Diaz was the first to go, followed by Fuller, and that set up heads-up play between Jake Dollinger and Hubbard.

To start, Dollinger had the lead, but this one was all Hubbard. He quickly took the lead, extended it, knocked Dollinger down to just two big blinds, and fought off a comeback to win the title. On the final hand, Dollinger moved all in with {A-}{K-} and he was up against the pocket tens of Hubbard. The flop was {Q-}{10-}{6-} to give Hubbard middle set, but Dollinger spiked a Broadway straight when a {J-} landed on fourth street. But, the case {10-} came on the river to deliver Hubbard with quads and end it all.

Others to finish in the money included Timothy "TK" Miles (16th - $11,975), Phillip Hui (31st - $5,393), Jose Serratos (41st - $4,239), Cory Waaland (64th - $3,191), and Josh Arieh (73rd - $2,932).

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