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This Insane Promo Will Get You €100 To Play Online Games For Free

Win a trip to Dubai
  • We might have found the easiest poker games in the world and we are giving you €100 to try them.

  • €100 bonus to try the easiest poker games on the internet. (Offer expires on May 31)

Less than twenty-four hours ago, we told you how to use your poker skills to win a $3,000 WSOP package in a freeroll on June 1.

Today, we are giving you up to €100 in free money to play online as much poker and casino games as you can, provided that you open an account at StarGames Casino.

How Does It Work?

This promo is very simple. During the past weeks, the team of our sister site managed to negotiate a yummy deal with the guys who run the show at StarGames Casino

After long days full of coffees, meetings, and even more coffees, we are now able to give you the best welcome package you’ll ever find to play at their site: a 100 percent match deposit bonus of up to €100.

Here’s how it works:

What’s The Catch?

Yes, it's a time-limited offer
Yes, it's a time-limited offer

A 100 percent match bonus is not something you see every day at a room like StarGames Casino so, yes (duh!) - there is a catch.

This is a time-limited promotion.

Casino games are not the bread-and-butter for many of the people who come to PokerNews every day, so we decided to keep this short and painless.

If you want to get the free money, you have time until May 31, 2016. If you don’t, close this article.

Why StarGames Casino?

Talking to many of you, we found out that some seem to think this Malta-based online casino site is heaven-on-earth for online slots players. So we followed your requests, we reached out to them, and we managed to snap this great offer for you.

StarGames Casino offers some of the easiest poker games I have ever seen.

I did spend some time on StarGames Casino too. I wanted to know how their platform worked, and I invested a good amount of my time to play around and test some of the games on tap.

In case you need an advice, these are 5 top games on the platform:

  • The Book Of Ra Deluxe
  • Cleopatra: Last of The Pharahos
  • Faust (This one is REALLY good!)
  • American Gangster
  • Wild West Hi Roller

Personally, I like also titles like Winner$ Car Wa$h and Bella Donna, but I know these are niche ones and not everyone has my (probably not extremely good) taste in games.

Can You Play Poker on StarGames Casino?

Considering that we are on PokerNews, I think this is a very legitimate question and the answer is a sound yes.

If you are in for the money and not for the challenge, you should give it a shot.

While this is not 888poker or PokerStars, you can indeed use the €100 bonus to fund your poker games. StarGames Casino features a mini-poker room where you find easy Hold’em, Omaha, and 5-card draw games.

Personally, I didn’t love to play poker games there. The games were so easy that I soon lost interest. The stakes are low and although I am not a poker pro, I tend to get bored when I am not challenged by players that are clearly better than I am.

However, if you are in it for the money and not for the challenge, I believe you should give it a shot before too many sharks discover the platform.

More Useful Info

Remember: the maximum bonus is €100 and you have time only until May 31 to claim your share of the free money we will distribute to our players.

If your first deposit is €20, you will receive €20 of Bonus Money. If your first deposit is €150, you will receive €100 of Bonus Money.

You don’t need a bonus code to get the bonus as long as you open your account through any of the links on this page and, guess what, the money is credited to your account immediately. Open an account, make your deposit, and enjoy the free money.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

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