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Poker Staking Manager: A Must Have Tool For Backers

Poker Staking Manager
  • Do you run a staking stable? Looking for a way to manage your horses? Poker Staking Manager could be what you need.

Staking or backing poker players is part and parcel of the modern game. With so many live and online tournaments taking place, it makes sense for players to reduce their exposure to variance, while the backers have the chance to win serious amounts of money for footing their stakees’ buy-ins.

Keeping track of a single, or a handful, of backing deals over one or two games is quite straightforward, but what if you are a stable with dozens of players on your books, or you have backed some players on a long-term deal? How do you keep track of all your transactions? Poker Staking Manager, that’s how.

Poker Staking Manager is dedicated web-based software like no other on the market, which has an array of tools and reports to help those who stake players get the full expected value from them.

Within a few clicks of a mouse, backers can perform statistical analysis with a number of variables such as Hourly Rate and ROI so they can pinpoint which tournaments, or cash games, are the most profitable for each of the players on their books. This analysis, along with the full reporting system, can be accessed in the app, on the internet, or emailed so that discussions between stakers and stakees can take place.

Equally as important, for backers especially, is the push notifications for important events such as there only being 20 players remaining in a tournament, a tournament progressing to the final table, or the notification system that’s in place for stop losses.

Being web based allows Poker Staking Manager direct interaction with other software, while the iOS and Android apps give users easy access and constant monitoring and reporting when they are on the move and away from their computer, giving the ultimate in flexibility to those managing a poker stable.

Poker Staking Manager comes with a free 30-day trial, and when the time comes to purchase a subscription, there are several different subscription levels to choose from ranging from $9.99 per month ($99 per year), up to $35.99 per month ($399 per year), meaning you will find a subscription that fits your staking needs perfectly.

Monitoring and managing the players you back has never been easier or as in-depth. Head to the Staking Manager website today and start your free trial.

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