Tony G Fires €1 Million Charity Prop Bet Offer To Fellow Politician

Tony G Fires €1 Million Charity Prop Bet Offer To Fellow Politician 0001

Antanas "Tony G" Guoga has never been afraid to put his money where his mouth is, and he looks to be doing that once again after offering a massive prop bet — one which stands to benefit charity — to a fellow European politician, Politico reported.

The war of publicity stunts began with United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage heading to a local bookmaker's shop and firing a £1,000 bet on "Brexit" — the possibility of a British exit from the European Union.

The issue of Brexit has become a hot button topic that's starkly divided the country. While Farage got 2.5-1 odds on his bet, polls in the linked story above from show 52 percent of citizens currently supporting the "Leave" faction while 48 percent are supporting "Remain." Campaigns are heated, and a British Parliament member who supported Remain was even murdered by a Leave fanatic recently.

Read all about Brexit here.

Farage was reported to be "very confident" he would be back for a payout.

Guoga, a Lithuanian Member of European Parliament, upped the ante with a prop bet of slightly bigger stakes. In a letter posted here, Guoga offered Farage a €1 million bet to benefit the charity that "the British people will do the right thing and vote to remain in the EU."

"Want to go all-in?" Guoga wrote. "Let me know! Everyone's a winner because the money would go to charity!"

Guoga calls himself a huge advocate for EU reform in the letter but says the Union needs Britain to stay rather than leaving Europe to Germany and France.

The vote on the issue comes up Thursday, June 23.

TonyBet is also taking action and is guaranteeing the best price on customers who bet on LEAVE (Brexit). UK spokesman Warren Lush said: “We have taken a very firm view that we think Remain will win so we want to attract as much business on Leave as possible. It really is a no lose bet if you back Leave with us as there is money back up to £20 if it doesn’t happen.”

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  • Tony G offered a fellow European politican a £1 million wager on the hot-button "Brexit" issue.

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