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Tweet Tweet Bad Beat: Brunson Almost Robbed, Negreanu Offers Poker Strategy Insight and More

Will Failla, Doyle Brunson
  • Brunson did not get robbed, Failla did win a bet. Find out what happened on poker twitter this week!

There's a whole lot going on in the world of poker this week. There's a huge poker tournament at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida, the EPT Barcelona is coming up, and the PokerStars WCOOP awaits. Twitter and other social media is used frequently in the world of poker, and not solely to give updates on chip counts and bust-out details. Players list their favorite movies (Ludovich Geilich, Randal Flowers, Matthew Waxman, Adam Levy), debate the United States Presidential election, and share all sorts of other updates. With everything moving so fast, Tweet Tweet Bad Beat, a feature originally featured on our Dutch site is here to keep track.

I Bet You

I Bet You was a show starring Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak where they challenged each other, with a camera team following each and every step they took. Esfandiari or Laak would put together some crazy prop bets with the two of them putting up some big bucks to make it fun to watch and keep score. After two moderately popular seasons, a third season was announced but never happened. Fortunately, all the episodes can still be watched on YouTube (playlist Season 1, Season 2).

Though the show is no longer aired, prop bets aren't gone from the poker world by any means. In fact, we see prop bets between poker players dominate the mainstream media coverage of our game. Not long ago, Esfandiari was DQ'ed from the PCA after peeing in a bottle, a move he made because his legs were too sore after competing in a $50,000 lunge bet with Bill Perkins.

And while Dan Bilzerian is no longer considered a poker pro by poker players, his bet to cycle from Vegas to LA within 48 hours with Bill Perkins also made headlines when Bilzerian completed the challenge, netting himself a couple hundred thousand dollars in the process.

On a much smaller scale a bet was made this week at the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Poker. World Poker Tour Champion Will Failla bet a slate of fellow players he could do 10 laps in the pool under 24 minutes. It took him 22 minutes and 20 seconds eventually, netting himself a nice little bonus of $600:

Tweet Tweet Bad Beat: Brunson Almost Robbed, Negreanu Offers Poker Strategy Insight and More 101

Easy money for Failla. A way to make money without as much effort but with a bit more pain would be to get a tattoo, like Poker Central marketing director, Sam Simmons who reached out to his followers for some help. Simmons wanted to know how much it would take to tattoo the 'poop' emoji on his butt:

The poop tattoo would have to be the size of a silver dollar and it would be allowed to be removed afterward. That last stipulation changes everything and makes getting that tatoo a far easier choice for anyone. We were curious what our audience thinks, though, so for our incredibly important poll we remove that detail and ask the important question:

More Players Chime in on 4-Color Deck Debate

Last week we discussed whether or not it made sense to introduce the 4-color deck in live events or not. David Yan and Steve O'Dwyer both gave their opinion, and some other players chimed in on Twitter afterward.

The pros seem to agree with O'Dwyer that using a 4-color deck in live events is a bad idea, but the poll shows 53 percent being all for it. Whether the European Poker Tour will give it a try or not is yet to be seen. The EPT Barcelona event starts this week, and PokerNews will be on site for the €50,000 Super High Roller this Saturday.

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Brunson Almost Robbed Again

Doyle Brunson is no stranger to robberies. Back in 2012, the Godfather of Poker wrote a blog about getting robbed in the late 50's where the robbers dressed up as cops to prevent the players armed security from shooting. Unfortunately, the blog on is down a lot, but here's a little piece of it to give you a taste of what happened:

We were used to being arrested, taken down to the police station and paying a fine for gambling, then being released. It was part of the risk of illegal poker but when these guys started taking our money from the table and searching us for more, we realized those "policemen" were really robbers.

Life wasn't easy as a road gambler back in the day, but apparently, life hasn't become much better. This week, Doyle Brunson almost was robbed again. Brunson tweeted what happened, and added some advice to people with bad intentions.

Negreanu Does Strategy

Fedor Holz (eventual runner-up) and Jason Mercier (bubbled the final table) played an interesting hand in the Super High Roller Bowl at Aria this past summer. Here's what happened:

Jason Mercier opened under-the-gun for 14,000 holding {Q-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}. Fedor Holz defended his big blind with {A-Spades}{Q-Clubs}. The flop came {4-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}{6-Spades} and Holz check-called a bet of 14,000. The turn came the {6-Clubs} and Holz bet out 14,000. Mercier raised to 68,000 and Holz made the call. The {A-Diamonds} on the river saw both players check and Holz took it down with his rivered top pair.

Daniel Negreanu watched the episode on Poker Central in preparation for the upcoming €50,000 super High Roller set for EPT Barcelona. Negreanu decided to treat his fans to some strategy content and shot a video with some analysis of the hand:

Negreanu wasn't fond of Holz's turn bet and predicted Mercier would have a tough decision if Holz would have decided to three-bet the flop.

Clock Called on McDonald

And then there's this. Both Pratyush Buddiga and Mike McDonald both took to Twitter to discuss their marital status or lack thereof:

Tweet Tweet Bad Beat: Brunson Almost Robbed, Negreanu Offers Poker Strategy Insight and More 102

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