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Poker Shootings: One Killed in Wyoming, Two Take Plea Deal in Michigan

Poker Shootings: One Killed in Wyoming, Two Take Plea Deal in Michigan 0001
  • In the U.S., two men were sentenced for a poker game shooting; another poker player was killed.

  • Two recent poker shootings hit U.S. headlines, with one player killed and two others sentenced.

Poker has garnered a bit of negative press in recent headlines in two separate parts of the United States in connection with a pair of shooting deaths.

In Cheyenne, Wyoming, 77-year-old Larry Rosenberg shot three people, one of whom died, FOX News reported. Rosenberg was apparently angry about "frequent" poker games running in the common area of the senior living facility where he resided. Rosenberg was one of a few residents upset with poker games that ran as often as three times per week at the 62-and-older facility.

"His problem really was that damned poker gambling," a friend of Rosenberg told police, according to Fox News. "That was all he complained about."

Rosenberg later killed himself when confronted by police.

In Saginaw, Michigan, two men accepted plea deals 18 months after an attempted robbery of a poker game left one dead and three arrested. Jesse Bobian and Jason McGowan will each serve prison time, the former getting a 13-year sentence and the latter an undetermined one. They conspired to rob a poker game along with two associates, one of whom, Ramon Vasquez, was shot dead in the incident. The fourth man, Christopher Talkington, testified against Bobian and McGowan in exchange for a reduced sentence.

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