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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Strong Drinks, Weddings and Money Trees

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  • This week's Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Mercier marshmallows, a strong drink and One Drop money trees.

This week in social media featured some foolish fun at tournaments, some stereotypical wedding things, a blast from the past and an excitement for travel that all of us can envy.

Here's the latest PokerNews Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat.

Fool’s Play

Deuces. ✌


That is one strong drink…


If you’re actually the boss, does like a boss still apply? Just the environment surrounding you might qualify you.


It’s all lies!

What a grim looking situation… Aw no, it’s just One Drop. #moneytree


Twinsies. Matched golf ball and Max Pescatori.

First word: Weddings!

To me, marshmallows are not couple food…I hope that Sharpie writing is edible. But (in my best valley girl voice) #cute #bffl


What a rock! #glitter #standardproposalphoto


This comment: My grandpa always told me, "never date a woman with a horse because the horse will always come first!"



This most definitely meets the definition of a humble brag, Sam… But those skillz doe!

Unraveling Traveling

Whoever can track this movement with a song wins. #singleladies?


Low key yay for traveling.


Like he says, gotta start the day strong.

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