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WATCH: Paul Phua "In Conversation" with Tom Dwan in New Series

  • Paul Phua reemerges to talk strategy in videos with poker's best players.

Paul Phua launched a new YouTube series, “In Conversation” Jan. 6 with Tom Dwan as his first guest.

Phua met up with Dwan in at a recent cancer charity tournament in Manila to start off the series. The videos will feature Phua chatting about poker during downtime between hands with “some of the best-known poker players in the world” according to the video’s description.

In this video, Phua talks to Dwan about “trapping” in Texas Hold’em poker. The term is opposite “bluffing,” and means to pretend to have worse cards than you do to keep people in the hand.

Here, Phua and Dwan talk strategy and whether trapping is a worthy strategy for beginners.

In part two of this conversation, posted below, the pair chat about generalizations in poker and whether players should make judgments about other players based on their age, nationality and profession.

All of these videos serve as guiding videos back to Phua’s fairly new website,

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