Stephen Shayler Wins the DTD200 Six-Max For £20,000

Stephen Shayler

Dusk Till Dawn’s new DTD200 tournament debuted last week with a £100,000 guaranteed full ring event, which was won by Daniel Harwood.

This weekend, the newcomer to the United Kingdom poker circuit switched to six-max, yet kept its £100,000 guarantee for a £220 buy-in. It was won by Stephen Shayler.

Official final table results

1Stephen Shayler£20,000
2Gavin Manley£11,450
3Chris Cunliffe£7,450
4Richard Armstrong£5,600
5Paul Jackson£4,500
6Adam Bone£3,700

A total of 448 entries competed for the £100,000 prize pool, which was divided up between the top 48 finishers who had all reached Day 2. The min cash was £400 and Eirimas Livonas, Cat Winch, Jack Allen, Brandon Shiels, Peter Wigglesworth, Sebastian Pawlak and Waheed Ashraf all won between £400 and £1,950 for their efforts.

The official final table was six-handed but play began at a seven-handed table.

Dutch star Marcel Luske bust in seventh place, his suited queen-ten being no match for the ace-king of Paul Jackson when the board ran out ten-high. Luske collected £3,000 and a £550 Millions seat.

Sixth place went to Adam Bone, the winner of the UK Team Challenge in October 2015. Bone lost almost all of his chips when his ace-queen failed to connect with the five community cards and lost to Gavin Manley’s pocket eights.

Jackson became the fifth-place finisher when Chris Cunliffe moved all in from under the gun for 15 big blinds with ace-king of hearts. Jackson called off his last remaining 12 big blinds with ace-ten. Neither player improved to a pair, Cunliffe’s king-kicker played and Jackson exited into the cold Nottingham night.

Richard Armstrong exited shortly after Jackson’s demise. Shayler moved all in from the small blind and Armstrong called off his 15 big blinds in the big blind with ace-seven. Armstrong was ahead of Shayler’s queen-jack, but only as far as the jack-high flop. The turn and river did not come to Armstrong’s rescue and the tournament was down to three players.

Those three became two with the elimination of Cunliffe. Shayler opened to 275,000 and wasted no time in calling when Cunliffe three-bet all in for 2,200,000. Cunliffe had a legitimate hand in pocket jacks but Shayler was sat with a pair of black kings. Those cowboys held and the DTD200 Six-Max was heads up.

Approximately 30 minutes into one-on-one play, the pair found themselves all in preflop. Shayler held pocket tens and Manley, a pair of sevens. Shayler flopped a set then improved to quads by the river to leave Manley with a single big blind. This single chip went into the middle with {3-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} and Shayler held {7-Hearts}{3-Hearts}. The final board read {3-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{k-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{10-Clubs} and meant there would be no Jack Strauss-style comeback for Manley.

This week’s DTD200 switches to an Eight-Max format and guarantees at least £100,000 will be won. Play online Day 1s at partypoker or win tickets there that can be used at the Dusk Till Dawn Club in Nottingham.

  • Stephen Shayler topped a field of 448 in the DTD200 Six-Max event to win £20,000.

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