Seneca Fall Poker Classic

Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Broken Trophies and Big Thrills

Tweet Tweet Broken Trophies and Big Thrills
  • Because sharing is caring even when you haven't had the best day.

  • Memories, memories. With a dash of alcohol.

Social media is a place for people to understand what you're going through, wish they were with you or decide that they're angry at you for not inviting them. Just kidding.

In the poker world, we kind of always wish we were you. Obviously. Unless you're a jerk or you broke your trophy.

Not the Best Day…

Note to self: Never let Rainer Kempe watch your trophy.

Don’t break your trophy. Do share about it to make others feel better. #solidarity

Only in the Movies

The crew that flies together in what looks to be a private jet/first class stays together.

I stand by my former statement.

Memories, memories. With a dash of alcohol.


BRB. On top of the world in Canada.

Slayyyyy queen!

Looking too chill to be operating this piece of machinery.

Hellmuth's dream.

Sharing is Caring

Time to build my bankroll.

I also spontaneously take photos of my friends at what looks to be a supermarket.


I’d like to see the video footage of this, complete with the splits.

Close enough. And man, I’ve never seen a man in yoga pants, until now.

Bringing the kid on social media is CHEATING.

As Seen on TV (Or What Could Be Seen on TV)

A selfie at an awards show. How original.


Because looking good should be well documented. HEY-oh.

Mercier making more room on his trophy shelf. #humblebrag

If it’s not for an actual TV show (in the traditional sense of the word), does it even count?

Alright. Which of them is the best skier? Let me know in the comments. That’s all we really need to know.

In those outfits, I’m not even sure I care who won. (And does that just mean they played dress up for poker?)

Psycho….heroes? #outoftheloop

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