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The Railbird Report: Ravenswood13's Million Dollar Upswing

Ravenswood13 graph
  • "Ravenswood13" is up $1.15 million!

Poker tracking HighStakesDB first discovered the account "Ravenswood13" in October of 2011.

For the site to record ups and downs, Ravenswood13 must have dipped his toes in high-stakes games around that time, but his graph remains rather flat until halfway through 2013.

In May of that year, a small plus becomes a small loss before an upswing that would cement his nickname in the top 10's of the Railbird Reports at the time. In September, he was up $375,000, followed by a tumultuous year before he reached the high point of his online career with a plus of $465,000.

A swing in the positive direction of over $1.1 million. Finally back in the black!

As these things sometimes go, Ravenswood13's bankroll plummeted, and in October of that year, he was playing to break even on high stakes, according to the tracking site.

The Ravenswood13 account was down almost $700,000 before bouncing back to plus $177,000.

The next swing downwards was waiting though, and this one would be catastrophic. In December of 2015, he was down $1,140,000. Ravenswood13 remained an online presence with some small moves in the positive direction, followed by equally small hits down again.

That all changed in August of 2016 as Ravenswood13 got on a roll and hasn't stopped yet. As of today, he's up $10,716 overall, a swing in the positive direction of over $1.1 million. Finally back in the black!

The Railbird Report: Ravenswood13's Million Dollar Upswing 101

Three Biggest Pots Online

While Ravenswood13 only logged a couple of hands this week, he did win the biggest one, playing $200/$400 against Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov.

1) Ravenswood13 Wins a $56,149 Pot (280 Big Blinds) Off Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov
($200/$400 PLO HU)

The Railbird Report: Ravenswood13's Million Dollar Upswing 102
Click for replay via HighStakesDB

Ravenswood13 opened the button for $680 and saw big blind Kuznetsov three-bet to $2,120. Ravenswood13 called in position to see a flop in a $4,400 pot.

Kuznetsov continued for $1,424 on {A-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{2-Clubs} and Ravenswood13 called to grow the pot to $7,249.

With the {6-Clubs} hitting the turn, Kuznetsov checked. Ravenswood13 bet $5,375 and saw his opponent check raise to $13,700. Ravenswood13 called.

With $34,649 in the middle, the {4-Diamonds} hit and Kuznetsov checked again. Ravenswood13 pushed and Kuznetsov called for a little under $11,000.

Kuznetsov showed {Q-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{8-Diamonds} for the flopped flush, but was already beat at that point by Ravenswood13's flopped straight flush with {3-Clubs}{7-Spades}{K-Spades}{5-Clubs}.

2) Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky Wins a $40,000 Pot (80 Big Blinds) Off Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov
($250/$500 PLO HU CAP)

The Railbird Report: Ravenswood13's Million Dollar Upswing 103
Click for replay via HighStakesDB

Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky opened the button with a 3x raise to $1,500. Kuznetsov three-bet to $4,500 and Sulsky called to get to a flop.

With $9,000 already in the pot and a $40,000 cap on the hand, Kuznetsov's pot bet on {3-Hearts}{K-Clubs}{5-Spades} indicated he wasn't giving up any more in the hand.

Sulsky pushed and Kuznetsov called.

PlayerHandEquity on {3-Hearts}{K-Clubs}{5-Spades}
Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky{7-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{8-Hearts}46.1%
Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov{3-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{A-Clubs}{A-Hearts}53.9%

Kuznetsov was the small favorite but would end up losing both runs. The first turn and river brought {J-Spades}, {4-Spades} giving Sulsky a straight.

The second time it came {5-Hearts}, {K-Spades} making Sulsky trips.

3) Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky Wins a $40,000 Pot (80 Big Blinds) Off Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov
($200/$400 NLHM HU CAPPED)

The Railbird Report: Ravenswood13's Million Dollar Upswing 104
Click for replay via HighStakesDB

There were plenty of hands where the two of them got it in with the $40,000 cap on the pot. Another one from the same mixed session, this time in hold'em, went as followed:

Sulsky opened the button for $1,000 and Kuznetsov three-bet to $3,250. Sulsky called.

The flop came {6-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{3-Diamonds} and Kuznetsov bet $2,750 into $6,500. Sulsky called again.

The {2-Clubs} hit the turn, and with $12,000 in the middle, Kuznetsov bet $14,000 to get it in. Sulsky called with jacks, up against the seven-eight of Kuznetsov.

PlayerHandEquity on {6-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}
Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky{J-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}81.82%
Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov{7-Hearts}{8-Spades}18.18%

They had the check box marked to run it twice but it wouldn't bring Kuznetsov any salvation. The {4-Clubs} hit first; the second time it came the {3-Spades}.

Ben Sulsky
Ben Sulsky won two of the biggest hands of the week, but still ended up the week's biggest losing player.

Online High-Stakes Action the Last Week

Kuznetsov was on the losing end of the proposition in all three of the above hands, but actually ended up this week's biggest winner. Sulsky, who won two of this week's biggest hands, was this week's biggest losing player.

 (user)namehandsprofit/loss last 2 weeksprofit/loss 2017profit/loss all time
 Winning Players    
1Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov1,010+$199,941+$318,394+$2,209,160
3Jordi "prot0" Urlings1,891+$38,299+$283,357+$211,248
4Gavin "gavz101" Cochrane778+$38,152+$31,651+$467,861
8Alexandros "mexican222" Kolonias606+$21,617-$72,967-$54,213
10Tom "tjbentham" Bentham1,008+$20,551+$101,079+$255,973
 Losing Players    
1Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky1,065-$190,324+$166,655+$5,019,374
8Phillipe "takechip" D'Auteuil1,787-$19,583-$42,185-$177,829
10Pim "PIPI tapis!" de Goede464-$18,311-$17,938-$67,003

The 2017 Leaderboard

Last week we saw a huge shift in the 2017 leaderboard with Kuznetsov dropping from the year's biggest winning position to outside the Top 3 by some margin. This week, after finishing as the biggest winner, he's back.

The Top 3 of biggest online losing players remains the same. Dan "w00ki3z." Cates logged some hands, but Dani "supernov9" Stern and Bill "GASTRADER" Perkins were not seen online by tracking site

 (user)namehands 2017profit/loss 2017profit/loss per hand 2017profit/loss all time↑/↓most played game 2017
 Winning Players      
3Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov26.672+$318,394+$11.93+$2,209,160PLO
 Losing Players      
1Dan "w00ki3z." Cates13,554-$494,652-$36.49+$851,3218-Game
2Dani "supernova9" Stern7,764-$485,134-$62.48-$1,147,541-PLO
3Bill "GASTRADER" Perkins2,796-$396,136-$141.67-$729,469-NLHM

The above top winning and losing players in online poker for 2017 only consist of PokerStars accounts. All public data courtesy of If you want to opt out of being listed in this PokerNews update on high-stakes action, send an email with your username to

Timofey Kuznetsov
Timofey Kuznetsov back in the Top 3 of the 2017 Leaderboard after a strong week online.

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