Railbird Report: Blom, Trickett, Holz, Tsoukernik Battle at partypoker

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

During the week, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, Sam "SamTrickett" Trickett, Fedor "Feder_Holz" Holz, Leon "KingsOfLeon" Tsoukernik, and others were battling it out on partypoker in what Joey Ingram described as "the craziest $100/$200 pot-limit Omaha session that I have ever seen in my entire life."

One for Blom

Early on, Blom won a big hand at the expense of "swordfishAA" and Tsoukernik. The action began with Touskernik raising from the hijack to $700 with KJQ9 and Blom three-betting from the button to $2,400 with AJQK. After "swordfishAA" called from the small blind with 47AQ, Touskernik jacked it up to $9,800.

Blom called before "swordfishAA" five-bet jammed for $20,295. Tsoukernik six-bet jammed to $69,233 and Blom, who had both players covered, called.

All three players were close to even in hand equity. However, Blom was able to scoop up a massive pot worth $158,955 after the board ran out 10Q2K5 to give him a straight.

Trickett Ships a Big Side Pot

Trickett then won a big pot from the King's Casino owner Tsoukernik. The hand kicked off with "swordfishAA' opening to $700 from the cutoff with 7109K and Trickett calling behind from the button with 2735. Touskernik three-bet to $3,000 from the small blind with AKQJ and both players called.

Tsoukernik led out for $9,195 on the K35 flop and got a call from "swordfishAA" who was all-in with just a stack of $1,840 and from Trickett.

Tsoukernik fired out for $29,425 after the 6 appeared on the turn. Trickett jammed all-in for $67,390 and got a call from Tsoukernik.

Trickett shipped a massive side pot worth $149,490 after the 9 appeared on the river with bottom two pair against Tsoukernik's top pair. Meanwhile, "swordfishAA" tripled up after taking down the main pot worth $14,710 with a better two pair than Trickett.

More Trickett

Despite struggling early, "swordfishAA" was able to build up his stack to become the third player with a six-figure chip count. Trickett, however, became the first player to surpass $200,000 after the following hand took place.

"Molodov" limped from under the gun for $200 before Trickett raised to $900 from the hijack with QQJA. Tsoukernik three-bet to $3,200 from the cutoff with 27A4 and both "Molodov" and Trickett called.

The action checked around to Tsoukernik after the flop came 8K10 and he led out for $9,895. "Molodov" folded before Trickett raised to $39,580. Tsoukernik then jammed for $61,201 and Trickett called.

Trickett scooped up a pot worth $132,298 after the J on the turn and the 7 on the river completed the board to give him a straight. His stack soared to a table high of $249,430.

Trickett wasn't able to hold onto all of this as he doubled up Holz in a pot of almost $80,000. However, Holz despite winning a few other pots was unable to hold onto his stack with "swordfishAA" claiming the lion's share in the last big hand of the night as follows.

Holz vs. "swordfishAA"

Holz opened to $700 from under the gun with J879 before "swordfishAA" three-bet to $2,400 from the cutoff with A658. Holz called and the flop came 856, giving Holz the nut straight and three pair for "swordfishAA".

Holz then check-raised a bet of $2,548 to $12,738 and his opponent called. The 6 paired the board on the turn and Holz led out for $29,950. His opponent bet enough to put Holz's remaining stack of $62,693 at risk and he called. Holz was drawing dead to his opponent's full house and "swordfishAA" witnessed his stack soar to $230,577.

You can watch the highlights of the match brought to you by Joey Ingram below.

Catching Up on High Stakes Action: Three Biggest Pots of The Week

The action was hot and heavy last week. The three biggest pots took place in a heads-up session over the weekend between Rui "PepperoniF" Cao and Ben "Ben86" Tollerene battling it out at $100/$200 pot-limit Omaha.

1) Rui "PepperoniF" Cao wins a $107,412 Pot (537 Big Blinds) from Ben "Ben86" Tollerene (April 22)
($100/$200 PLO 6-Max)

The action in the biggest pot of the week began with Tollerene raising the button to $680 before Cao three-bet to $2,120 from the big blind. Tollerene jacked up the preflop action with a four-bet to $6,440 and Cao called.

Cao led out for $12,957 on the 364 flop and Tollerene called. After the Q appeared on the turn, Cao jammed his remaining stack of $34,269 and Tollerene, who had him covered, called.

PlayerHandEquity on 364Q
Rui "PepperoniF" Cao363587.50%
Ben "Ben86" Tollerene5Q4K12.50%

Cao was an overwhelming favorite to win the hand with a set and a straight-flush draw. Tollerene had a draw to a full house to win the pot and for a straight to chop the pot.

The duo ran it twice. The 8 on the first board and the K on the second board awarded Cao a flush on both runouts and he collected a massive six-figure pot of $107,412.

Railbird Report: Blom, Trickett, Holz, Tsoukernik Battle at partypoker 101
Click for replay via HighStakesDB

2) Rui "PepperoniF" Cao wins a $83,420 Pot (417 Big Blinds) from Ben "Ben86" Tollerene (April 21)
($100/$200 PLO 6-Max)

A few hours before the biggest hand of the week, Cao also took down the second biggest.

Cao opened to $640 from the button. Tollerene three-bet to $2,120 from the big blind before he called a four-bet from Cao to $6,440.

Both players checked the 584 flop. Tollerene then fired out for $4,276 after the 7 appeared on the turn and got a call from his opponent.

Tollerene bet $7,098 after the 2 completed the board on the river. Cao raised enough to cover the $23,857 Tollerene had remaining and got a call.

Cao with 10KA9 won a big pot of $83,420 with a better flush than Tollerene's flush with 7JQ7.

Railbird Report: Blom, Trickett, Holz, Tsoukernik Battle at partypoker 102
Click for replay via HighStakesDB

3) Ben "Ben86" Tollerene wins a $81,105 Pot (406 Big Blinds) from Rui "PepperoniF" Cao (April 22)
($100/$200 PLO 6-Max)

The third biggest pot of the week took place after the two biggest. This time the tables were turned and Tollerene got the best of his opponent.

Cao opened the button to $640 before he called a three-bet from Tollerene from the big blind to $2,120.

Tollerene fired out a continuation bet of $2,159 after the flop came 724.

After the 4 paired the board on the turn, Tollerene unleashed a second barrel, this time for $2,849. Cao raised to $9,200 and Tollerene called.

Tollerene with 9AA10 then check-called a huge bet of $27,034 from Cao who held 1078K and won a $81,105 pot after he picked off his opponent's bluff.

Railbird Report: Blom, Trickett, Holz, Tsoukernik Battle at partypoker 103
Click for replay via HighStakesDB

This Week's Online High-Stakes Biggest Winners and Losers

Both "EEE27" and "€uroTr@sh1" notched huge six-figure profits last week. However, the bigger story is "ImagineKing" booking a deficit of $402,190, the biggest we have seen in quite some time.

 (user)namehandsprofit/loss 4/19- 4/25profit/loss 2018profit/loss all time
 Winning Players    
3Jens "Jeans89" Kyllönen3,849+$95,547+$107,864+$5,396,283
4Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky1,489+$82,265+$308,798+$5,470,404
5Rui "PepperoniF" Cao1,984+$72,807+$315,458+$231,478
6Andras "probirs" Nemeth1,817+$68,719+$217,991+$278,953
8Sergey "St1ckman" Vasiliev2,504+$56,676+$59,200+$804,884
10Joni "bustoville" Jouhkimainen1,645+$45,302+$35,281+$37,915
 Losing Players    
2Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn147-$80,200+$211,385+$4,173,255
4Ben "Ben86" Tollerene3,279-$55,229-$107,319+$3,790,866
7Ignat "0human0" Liviu2,321-$43,132+$155,774+$345,503
9Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies1,646-$29,913-$53,937+$1,301,572

The 2018 Leaderboard

There was a bit of a shake-up in both the top and bottom three of the 2018 leaderboard. Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger maintained a substantial lead as the biggest winner of the year with $720,037 in profit despite losing a little bit of money last week.

Meanwhile, after "EEE27" booked the most profit out of any player this week, he was able to catapult himself into second place with $380,091. James "JayP-AA" Park slipped into third place without playing a hand and remained with $316,630 in profit on the year.

On the flip side, "ImagineKing" became the first player of the year to have a seven-figure loss on the year. Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, who didn't play last week, remained in the second to last spot on the leaderboard.

Jonas "OtB_RedBaron" Mols booked a profit last week and was able to slip past Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion who is now in the third to last spot without playing a hand in recent weeks.

 (user)namehands 2018profit/loss 2018profit/loss per hand 2018profit/loss all timemost played game 2018
 Winning Players     
1Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger33,864+$720,037+$21.28$1,350,618NL Hold'em
3James "JayP-AA" Park15,354+$316,630+$21.62+$2,642,409PLO
 Losing Players     
2Viktor "Isildur1" Blom22,124-$318,570-$14.39+$1,837,9288-Game
3Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion3,845-$294,785$-76.64-$172,3488-Game

The above top winning and losing players in online poker for 2018 only takes PokerStars accounts into consideration. All public data courtesy of HighStakesDB.com. If you want to opt out of being listed in this PokerNews update on high-stakes action, send an email with your username to [email protected].

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  • "SwordfishAA" wins big at a table with Sam Trickett, Leon Tsoukernik, Viktor Blom and Fedor Holz.

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