The PokerStars Festival Heads to Asia For the First Time on July 14

PokerStars Festival Korea
  • The PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be on hand to cover the Main Event and the High Roller.

The PokerStars Festival heads to Asia for the first time to the Paradise City Hotel & Resort in Incheon, South Korea for 34 action-packed tournaments from July 14-24.

The Paradise City Hotel & Resort opened in April, becoming the first complex resort in Northeast Asia. According to Business Korea, the resort boasts 12 floors, 711 guest rooms, a variety of restaurants, a bar and lounge, a convention center and the largest foreign-only casino in South Korea with a total of 440 gaming machines.

The PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be on hand to cover the two biggest events of the festival, including the PokerStars Festival Korea KRW 1,650,000 Main Event and the PokerStars Festival Korea KRW 4,350,000 High Roller.

The Main Event kicks off with four opening days on July 20-22 with players beginning with 30,000 chips. The first three flights feature 45-minute blind levels while the final flight is a turbo affair with 20 minute blind levels. Players are only allowed one entry per flight but can enter as many flights as they wish until they bag chips to Day 2.

The tournament continues with Day 2 on July 23 with blinds increasing to 60 minutes with players advancing to the final day on July 24 playing in a deeper structure with 75 minute blind levels.

The High Roller kicks off the first of its two days on July 20. Players can re-enter as many times they wish until the end of Level 14, which is the second level on Day 2 on July 21.

The tournament also features a 30-second shot clock. Players will be issued three timebank chips for when they need a little more time to make a difficult decision.

Here is a look at all of the major tournaments on the PokerStars Festival Korea schedule:

  • PokerStars Open: July 14-16 - KRW 333,000 - KRW 50,000,000 guaranteed
  • PokerStars Super Deep: July 16-19 - KRW 660,000
  • PokerStars Festival High Roller: July 20-21 - KRW 4,350,000
  • PokerStars Festival Main Event: July 20-24 - KRW 1,650,000
  • PokerStars Cup: July 23-24 - KRW 440,000
  • NLH - Megastack: July 23-24 - KRW 1,650,000

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