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PN Blog: PokerStars Goes #BeyondTheTable for Latest Photo Series

PN Blog: PokerStars Goes #BeyondTheTable for Latest Photo Series 0001

As someone actively involved in social media (it’s my job, after all), I am always scavenging through personal profiles, business pages, advertisements, etc., to see what others are doing and seeing how I can learn and grow from them.

PokerStars, of course, is one of the biggest social media profiles within the industry, but from a personal perspective I don’t always feel engaged. Point in case, take a look at the PokerStars Instagram account now and you’ll see a lot of Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart. Rightfully so, PokerStars is trying to sell you on its latest #GameOn promotion. But as someone in the U.S. who can’t play on PokerStars, I can’t connect to it. The visual content, as good as it is, isn’t enough to keep me enticed.

But! As of late I noticed they’ve been doing something a little more intriguing. Over the last week, PokerStars has begun to highlight its Team Pros on a more personal level bye sharing a photo series of them away from the tables - #beyondthetable.

Why does this matter? Because even Daniel Negreanu, as massive of a celeb status as he has, is a human being just like all of us. He wakes up, he brushes his teeth, and he lives day-to-day doing what he likes to do. But it’s not too often you see these big-name pros out of their element (poker) and just be.

I am personally a huge fan of this photo series because it’s through images that you have an opportunity to connect and almost feel like you know them and are right there with them.

Take a look at what’s been shared so far.

Stars even did a #beyondthetable with Zedd, to show that it’s not always about poker but working hard and playing even harder.

I know what you’re thinking and no, this is not an ad to promote PokerStars. This is just someone (me) in the social media industry giving a job well done to an industry giant. Great job, PokerStars. I can’t wait to see more of this.

*Update. PokerStars has added more photos since this article was published and I wanted to share because...Liv.

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