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Sunday Briefing: 'WATnlos' Tops Sunday Million Final Table in One Hour

Sunday Briefing
  • WATnlos won the Sunday Million for $145,895 after a final table that only lasted a little over an hour.

Austrian pro "WATnlos" helped himself to a cool $145,895 on Sunday, Nov. 12 when he outlasted a field of 5,840 entrants to win the PokerStars Sunday Million.

The $215 Sunday Million kicked off at 7 p.m. GMT on Nov. 12 and the champion crowned 12.5 hours later. The time to complete the event may have been longer had the final table of nine not been whittled down to one in slightly more than one hour.

WATnlos headed into the final table with a substantial chip lead, but there was still plenty of work to do. Each of the finalists were guaranteed $9,276 for their efforts, but this minimum payout increased to $26,840 almost immediately because three players bust during the first orbit.

According to the PokerStars Blog, Noway's "John-F69" was the first to be eliminated from the final table, his ace-eight losing to a dominating ace-queen, and he was followed to the rail by Harry "Iamapoopie" Lodge and Rodrigo "rodrigobmz" Borges.

WATnlos then ended the run of "IFIBETIMGOOD". The chips went into the middle preflop, IFIBETIMGOOD holding ace-king and WATnlos a pair of sevens. An ace on the flop put IFIBETIMGOOD into the lead, but a seven on the turn won the hand for WATnlos.

Another coinflip, queen-jack against pocket eights, saw "¿¿toneecho??" head to the sidelines in fifth-place and "PIPI tapis!" bust in fourth-place, before "Tr!pleeee" fell in third-place to send the tournament into the heads-up stage.

"Zumi10" was WATnlos' heads-up opponent, one with a narrow five big blind chip advantage. WATnlos won the first few meaningful encounters, which prompted the final duo to discuss and agree on a deal that left $20,000 for the eventual champion.

That champion was WATnlos who called Zumi10's all-in bet with ace-nine of diamonds and improved to a pair of aces to beat the pair of threes in the hand of Zumi10.

$215 Sunday Million Final Table Results

4PIPI tapis!$54,500
7Rodrigo "rodrigobmz" Borges$18,836
8Harry "Iamapoopie" Lodge$13,218

*Reflects a heads-up deal

Some of the other notable victories at PokerStars on Nov. 12 included:

$2,100 Sunday High RollerNick "caecilius" Petrangelo$65,977
$215 Sunday Warm-UpNY17PATS14$47,744
Sunday 500surprisefirm$44,845
$215 Sunday Supersonic NLHEVitaliy "Witalii" Pankov$32,088
$215 Bounty BuilderEwokwat$31,196*
$109 Bounty Builderlorini$25,308*
Bigger $109the_snail03$24,941
$530 Omania High Rolleranti-durrr$18,922
Bigger $215farmjim$21,976
Hotter $215cre8tor9$21,758
Hotter $109x_zola25$20,873
$109 Sunday CooldownMonsieurRask$18,727
$109 Sunday KickoffFutti18$18,319
$109 Sunday KOmaniaBeeethoven87$10,773*
Hotter $162Oscar "xXROMmMEOXx" Barriga Cueva$7,600
$109 Sunday Wrap-Uplilica333$7,142
$215 NLO8 Sunday Supersonicplspaythxbye$7,048
$109 OmaniaAndras "probirs" Nemeth$7,015
$215 Triple ThreatMESQUEUBR$6,713
$109 Bubble RushBen "Fabaz" Farrell$6,614
$109 Sunday Starterch3ssmast3rr$6,376
$109 Sunday KOmaniacladarth$5,382*
Bigger $162Andrei "Premove" Skvortsov$4,076

*Includes bounty payments

Over at partypoker, "helicopterben82" topped a star-studded field of 102 entrants in the $2,600 Super High Roller. The tournament became a little less shark-infested when partypoker ambassador Sam "SamTrickett" Trickett busted in fifth-place for $17,254. When "Chelsea72" crashed out in second-place, helicopterben82 walked away with $58,940 and bragging rights among his peers.

Some of the other notable victories at partypoker on Nov. 12 included:

$530 High RollerAd_Finem$34,005
$530 High Roller Warm UpDreamlivewsop$33,046
$215 Title Fight Warm-UpiBustYa_AT$31,839
$109 Main Event Warm UpGl4diat0r$22,759
$109 Main Event KickoffDreamlivewsop$17,062
$530 High Roller TurboMike "thebattler33" Kachan$11,518
$530 High Rollerscoopjackson9$9,896
$215 Title Fight TurboManig "liangmannu" Loeser$9,612
$215 Title Fight IIjosef_shvejk$6,236
$109 Main Event IIgjjo$6,117
$109 Main Event Turboro0b1ckne11$5,525

At 888poker, the $150,000 Gtd Whale ended in a heads-up chop. Some 111 players parted company with $1,050 in the hope of becoming the tournament's champion, an honor bestowed on Sweden's "B.Mitchell" who chopped the tournament with Germany's "Pimmelspeck" to claim $36,159; the runner-up scooped $32,720.

Some of the other notable victories at 888poker on Nov. 12 included:

$100,000 Mega Deepplomaha$22,306
$40,000 Sunday GREAT 8firgli$11,035
$60,000 Sunday Challengejxw331$10,146
$30,000 Turbo Mega Deeptunalover$7,987
$20,000 Sunday Lightning_WhiteBear_$5,928
$25,000 Sunday Crocodiletikkapekka$5,375
$15,000 Sunday TornadoFarrugia_1$3,775

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