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Off The Felt: Melbourne, Puppies, and Gymnastics

Off The Felt.
  • Well, @Liv_Boeree, that's a very strange hug.

  • In case you've missed it, @realcharder30 (and almost everyone else) is in Melbourne

Just a few weeks into the year and 2018 is shaping up to be pretty great. Although we are in the thick of winter, many right now are visiting Melbourne to join the 2018 Aussie Millions, and why not, it's great weather compared to the winter chill.

Some are in the desert, some are by the water, some are sliding down the snow — let's take a look at who did what and where this week.

Christian had a good dat at the beach, but please watch the video.

Nice trick, Matthew.

But this one is a little bit more impressive. How do you do that, Sofia?

Sam is visiting Melbourne, well, the bars, but you get the point.

Ludovic found a Pikachu.

Phil Hellmuth was ice skating like a pro.

Fernando was relaxing in Switzerland, but did he miss the snow?

Liv was also in Switzerland and found plenty of snow. Check her out skiing.

And drinking beer, of course!

Yum, Melanie...

Anatoly was in the desert, which he makes look awesome!

And Lily jumped out of a plane because why not?

Kevin visited Phi Phi Islands. That haircut tho.

And Monia celebrated 3 months living in Malta.

Leo enjoyed the sunshine with her cute dog.

And we’ve got more cute dogs, as usual!

That’s a very strange hug, no?

Steffen made a cake for his father, but he ate it all. Great.

Ana is looking all artsy.

More puppies!

What a lineup.

Aww. Adorbs.

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