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Off The Felt: Chinese New Year and Visiting Thailand

Off The Felt
  • You NEED to watch this video of @PhilLaak catching hail.

This week, we welcomed the Chinese New Year, and Tom and Durrrr's Wife celebrated by sharing another cute photo. I mean, we're seeing a lot of Dwan now lately considering he's been a ghost the last few years.

Meanwhile, others traveled to Thailand. I mean, Matthew Waxman was there, Felix Schulze too, and Greg and Julie Merson were spending their honeymoon there. Lily Kiletto was also there! Oh, what a small world...

Anyway, some others were finding other ways to enjoy their free time. Phil Laak, for instance, was catching hail (yes, I know it sounds crazy), and Matt Salsberg enjoyed his portable sauna... What a week! Take a look.

Why do these too look so good in photos?

Durrrr's wife posted throwback pics of the Australian Open and Tom Dawn is doing prom poses now.

And took a photo with the Queen in Hong Kong.

Girls night out?

Loving this photo, Dehlia!

Matthew shared some amazing videos of Thailand.

Felix Schulze was basking in the sun.

Yes, more Thailand but this looks gorgeous.

Lily even rode an elephant.

Phil decided to catch hail. Because, why not?

And Matt bought himself a portable sauna. Seriously, what?

Tony was with the ladies!

This looks like so much fun.

Felix, this is your best look.

Boys night out but who is that guy?

It's been a minute since we've seen Doc.

Johnnie is enjoying México lindo.

Both presidents in one pic.

The caption, OMG.

Whoa! He's not even wearing shoes anymore.

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