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PokerNews Podcast 492: His and Hers Poker

  • Matt & Tracey Waldt discuss poker's impact on a relationship, and what advice they have for players.

PokerNews Podcast Episode 492 features a chat with Matt & Tracey Waldt, co-hosts of the popular His and Hers Poker, a podcast that revolves around cash game strategy and hand analysis.

Sarah Herring brings in her new co-host, Jeff Platt, and the two discuss the hottest stories in poker: Gordon Vayo suing PokerStars, Bryn Kenney's "break-even" win in Monte Carlo, and the PokerStars qualifier-turned-legend, Krisztian Gyorgyi.

This week's sponsors: Hims & Global Poker (the Rattlesnake Open continues, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in real cash prizes guaranteed!)

Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: Sarah welcomes in her new co-host, Jeff Platt
0:50Jeff discusses his poker background, and what led him to Sarah and the PokerNews Podcast
3:15Sponsor: Global Poker: The Rattlesnake Open is underway with more than $1.25 million in real cash prizes guaranteed!
3:55Jeff's first run at a Global Poker Rattlesnake Open event
5:25Gordon Vayo Sues PokerStars for Non-Payment of $692,000 Win
10:45Macau Poker Rooms and Event Closures
14:22Sponsor: Hims
17:00Previewing this episode's guests: Matt & Tracey Waldt from His and Hers Poker
18:00Niall Farrell Ships His Second SCOOP Title
19:05Bryn Kenney "breaks even" with High-Roller Tournament Win in Monte Carlo
19:45Qualifier-Turned-Legend Krisztian Gyorgyi Makes a Deep Run in EPT Monte Carlo Main Event
21:45Interview Segment with Matt & Tracey Waldt
24:13How did the idea to create the His and Hers Poker Podcast transpire: "It's fun to listen to stuff related to the poker life and being a crazy, degen gambler, that can be fun and sexy and interesting and make for a fun car ride. But ultimately at the end of the day, I wanted to learn more about getting better at poker...and what makes for the best teaching tool for that kind of listening to something where you do hand analysis."
26:00How Tracey developed her love for poker: "(Matt) got me hooked from watching old episodes of Poker After Dark. And at first I liked the characters...then I started paying got to the point where I was like 'Matt, OK, give me your poker 1-on-1 lesson and let's go from there.' And I was hooked after that."
27:15Matt sums up how his poker interest has grown over the years: "One day, we watched Rounders. And after that point: no more bridge, no more pinochle, nothing, Poker 24-7, pretty much from the night we watched Rounders."
31:15When Matt decided to take the game seriously: "I got cleaned out again, and I was like: 'You know what, I'm tired of this, I want to get good at this game'...I got a list of the top ten books on (Amazon) and just bought them and read them all and found two things: 1. I loved it and 2. I've been playing for an absolute donkey for my entire life."
32:45Matt on getting Tracey into the game: "I knew she'd be absolutely fabulous at poker. All she needed was to recognize it's not gambling, it's a strategy game."
34:00Tracey's first experience playing live: "By the end of the night...I think in the car I broke down crying. Because I was so nervous the whole time that I bottled it up the entire day and it just had to get released."
36:42Tracey on moving up from 1-2 to 2-5: "I knew that the competition was going to be a step I look back and I'm like, 'you know what, there's still fish at the 2-5 table', and I think it's helpful to basically be a reg down there"
38:00Matt on how the 2-5 cash game level has evolved over the last 3-4 years: "It's kinda a double-edged sword. I think overall at the 2-5 level, it is more competitive...but I also think as time has gone by, there have been some people who have been playing 1-2 for a long time...who now are playing 2-5 and quite honestly, a lot of them shouldn't be...bad reg is a term for a reason"
41:45Poker is always on top of their minds: "There are times when I'll be like 'Matt, I gotta put the laundry away, why don't you come in and we'll do Jonathan Little practice problems'"
43:20How the podcast has helped their games: "It has been fabulous, I've looked at my records and Tracey's records, and it has had a dramatic shift upwards in the last six months since doing this podcast."
45:30Challenges in presenting strategy discussion: "We're very aware of the idea that there's GTO out there and there's exploitative play...We really are approaching every situation as a unique situation."
49:05How their podcast is formatted, how they choose hands to analyze
52:00The other segments in the podcast and what they bring to the show
54:00Why attorneys and entrepreneurs can make for good poker players: "You have to have the drive to succeed on your own, nobody is going to push you to get better at poker. You've gotta want to do the work on your own. Anyone who has that kind of entrepreneurial spirit I think is shifting towards it."
55:30How constructive criticism is handled during poker discussion: "I think we both have felt that, where we took something a little too personally, but we tried to keep that out of the podcast."
57:30The biggest mistakes tournament players make when transitioning to cash games: "They buy in for a short stack because they're more comfortable with that, I'll always advocate when playing cash buying for as much of a stake as you're comfortable with. We always buy in for table maximum"
1:01:00Follow Matt & Tracey at His and Hers Poker, and be sure to subscribe to their podcast!
1:06:00Sarah & Jeff recap their interview with Matt & Tracey Waldt
1:07:40Mike Jukich Ships WSOPC Main Event at Horseshoe Baltimore
1:09:00JNandezPoker (Fernando Habegger) will jump on the show next week
1:09:15Sponsor: Global Poker: The Rattlesnake Open is underway with more than $1.25 million in real cash prizes guaranteed!

You can check out the full video of the interview with the Waldts below or on our YouTube Channel.

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