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Top Pair Podcast 309: Home Game Dealing, Shuffling, and Tipping


In episode 309 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski take a deep dive into a couple of home game questions that come up all the time: who should do the dealing and is there a need to tip the dealers and hosts?

The guys also catch you up on all their own home game happenings, with Robbie getting spewy, while Bruce develops a new/old appreciation for the “Rubik’s Cube of Poker.”

Plus, in honor of the NBA Playoffs, a One Outer that’ll make you want to hedge your bets, at least a little.

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Show Time Stamps

1:07–12:56How Ya Runnin?
 Robbie: Hosting the first home game in a new home, but being action-hungry leads to spewy play. “Home court advantage” couldn’t stop the bleeding.
 Bruce: The perils of adding Badugi, the “Rubik’s cube of poker,” into the home game mix… it’s not really poker after all.
 Bonus discussion: The challenge and responsibilities of being the host/dealer and player vs. just playing. Utah Jazz history and NBA Playoffs talk.
15:00–44:55 Cards in the Air
16:01The mechanics of dealing a home game. Pass the deal or designated dealers?
25:04Dealer antes for everyone to avoid confusion
27:02How to handle shuffling? Pass the shuffle or designated shufflers?
29:27Tipping: Important to try and establish house rules and let players know in advance. Designated dealers ought to get something for their efforts; up to the players or the host? Also, should hosts be tipped? How much?
33:39Tossing “thank you” chips when the dealer deals you the card you need.
39:42In cash games, tip a host based on your experience and having had a good time at the host’s house, or rather based on how well you do during a home game session?
45:07One Outer – Hedging your sports bets… to the extreme!

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  • PODCAST: Home game issues: Do you need to tip your hosts? Who should shuffle and deal?

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