Top Pair Podcast 346: Poker Chips, Ahoy!

Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski dive deep into all the different kinds of poker chips you can use when hosting a home game, and recap their last home game sessions of 2019.

George Chao of BBO Poker Tables has a great Table Talk segment on giving your home game poker table all sorts of technological upgrades, and Ben Ludlow shares a One Outer take on poker’s current hot topic: tournament re-entry!

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Show Time Stamps

1:17–20:53How Ya Runnin?
1:34Bruce: Attended one home game and doubled the buy-in!
3:36Procedural question re: continuing to split a pot in a hi/lo game once it’s guaranteed that there won’t be a low.
13:20 Robbie reminisces about spending New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas as a young teenager.
17:00New Year’s Resolution: Play more poker and win more money!
17:43Robbie: Attended one home game and ran poorly to end off the year. Hoping to turn things back around in 2020.
19:40Paying a home poker game house call at the Doc’s house.
23:03-41:54Cards in the Air
23:50Diving deep into a great article by Ashley Adams about the right poker chips with which to host a home game.
28:00Shout out to chartreuse poker chips.
29:30Shout out to our one listener named “Guido.”
32:20Shout out to Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame, who recreated an exact replica of Rounders poker chips.
34:00Talking about poker chips from the old Dunes hotel. Imploded hotels used to encase the chips in concrete and dump them in Lake Mead!
38:49Using plastic chip racks in a home poker game… “they’re cursed!”
41:55-46:55 Table Talk with George Chao of BBO Poker Tables
47:00Giving your home game poker table a tech upgrade: built-in USB ports for phone charging, integrated automatic shufflers, and integrated LED lighting to set the right mood.
50:52Ben Ludlow’s One Outer: Reflecting on the tournament re-entry debate currently raging. Any tournament can be a $50K if you fire hard enough!

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  • PODCAST: What are the best poker chips to use in your home poker game? Find out in Top Pair Podcast.

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